The domestication of the horse began in Southern and Eastern Europe and the equestrian culture remains strong to this day. The continent is home to hundreds of major riding tours. You’ll trek from castle to castle in England and France, or across the varied landscape of Iceland. There are the idyllic hamlets in Tuscany and rugged beaches reminiscent of paradise on Crete.

  1. North Coast, Iceland

    Explore the beautiful shores of Lake Mývatn, before setting off to waterfalls, glaciers, and geothermal pools. More than double the normal amount of horses are taken to this rugged region so the horses don’t tire out. As you’re at the home of Europe’s best whale watching, add an extra day.

  2. Killarney, Ireland.

    Ireland’s Western coast is the landscape that most think of when they think of Ireland. Rocky cliffs jutting out into wild seas, farmland and stone walls dominating the rolling green hills, and enough pubs and B&B’s to keep you cozy.

  3. Andalusia, Spain.

    Flamenco fills the air of the cultural melting pot that is Andalucia in southern Spain. Moorish, Mediterranean, and European influences fuse wonderfully here, particularly with the Andalusian horse that maintains a strong bloodline.

  4. Loire Valley, France

    This lush valley running from the south of Paris to the Atlantic is overflowing with rolling green hills and farmland, vineyards, sunflower fields, and forests. Along the way stop at chateaus and wineries to indulge in the good life.

  5. Tuscany, Italy

    Tuscany’s rich heritage of food and wine are here paired with the regions equestrian lifestyle that runs from inn to inn and to hilltop villages.

  6. Castles and Lipizzaner Trail, Hungary

    Here you’ll ride to medieval hill towns and through wine regions and through streams and canals on Hungary’s famous Lipizzaner and Kisber horses. Stay in castles and spa hotels in cobblestone towns, with great food and friendly people.

  7. The West, Iceland

    This itinerary traverses a wide range of Iceland’s most brilliant terrains. You’ll ride up to Eldborg á Mýrum, volcanic crater, cross the green Lundareykjadalur Valley, under the Snæfellsjökull Glacier, and down one of the country’s longest beaches.

  8. Atlantic Coast, Portugal

    Portugal’s rugged, cliff lined Atlantic coast is a raw and powerful wilderness of beaches, pine forests, and cork trees. Fishing villages and port wine await you at every stop.

  9. Argyle Castle Trail, Scotland

    The real setting of Braveheart and Scottish independence. This highland trek passes through green hills and jagged mountains dotted with castles, lochs, and ruins.

  10. Ionian Islands, Greece

    Islands like Corfu and Kafalonia are blessed with perfectly white beaches and bright green hills. You’ll ride to and from olive groves and caves, to monasteries and mountain streams. This is the epitome of Mediterranean horseback riding.