Time of year

The seasons often dictate the appearance of gardens. If you visit France during winter you may find the wonderful gardens in the Loire Valley look a little drab under gray skies. Similarly if you visit Bowral, Australia after the tulips bloom there’s probably little reason to be there. Information about seasons and best times to visit are often listed on the garden’s website. In some parts of the world, like the tropics, seasons don’t dictate so much and you maybe able to visit at any time.

Entry fees

Unfortunately a lot of garden entry is not free, and for good reason. A small army of gardeners works to keep the garden looking clean, tidy and blooming for your visit.


If you suffer allergies to any plants or pollens you may wish to check on the species grown in the garden or pack plenty of appropriate medicine.


Large public gardens can attract loiterers, particularly in larger cities. Take care when strolling in the any solitary sections and don’t carry too many valuables.


Garden vacations do involve a lot of walking so you will want to have relatively good fitness or to handle being on your feet for extended periods.

Tour choices

Clients that undertake garden tours tend to have an average age of 50, however many attract younger and older people as well. And while there are generally more women then men, it’s not completely unbalanced. Nor do the tours tend to cater more for couples; there are plenty of solo travelers as well. However if you are traveling alone you may find that tour groups charge single supplements. Many public and private gardens offer their own tour guides for individuals or groups. Contact the individual garden offices for details.

Disabled Travelers

Many gardens are suitable for travelers in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. Check the facilities before you go but many have covered walkways, ramps and paths that allow easy access and specialist trails for the disabled.


Pets are sometimes permitted in gardens and pathways but generally not to historical areas or inside buildings.