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Recommended reading

Family Fun Magazine
A magazine for both children and parents with arts and crafts, recipes, parenting advice, family travel and more.
Frommer’s 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up by Holly Hughes
There are cities, zoos, sports shrines, museums, castles, beaches, outdoor activities and many more ideas here for places parents, grandparents and kids can enjoy together.
The Family Travel Guide: An Inspiring Collection of Family-Friendly Vacations by Carole Terwilliger Meyers
The author discusses how to plan a trip with children covering topics like what to take for nutrition, safety and entertainment; how to handle children at hotels, restaurants, and resorts. There are also other articles by contributing travel writers about destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and Mexico that will help you take children camping, skiing, trekking and on a cruise.
Exotic Travel Destinations for Families by Jennifer M. Nichols
The Nichols family have traveled with their young children to Bangkok, Ecuador, Italy, Morocco and other exotic locations. They extol the benefits of foreign travel on children and encourage you not to limit your family vacation to Disney World and the Grand Canyon.
Lonely Planet Travel With Children by Maureen Wheeler
When Maureen Wheeler and husband Tony (founder of Lonely Planet) had two children she saw no reason to stop traveling. Her book is written in response to the many parents who wondered if they should postpone travel until their kids were older. Her answer – absolutely not. Contains advice on getting ready to getting there, travel stories from readers, staffers and even the Wheeler kids themselves.
Gutsy Mamas: Travel Tips and Wisdom for Mothers on the Road by Marybeth Bond
This is a book of tips and wisdom for mothers with children. Gives basic advice for those starting out on travel.
Adventuring With Children: An Inspirational Guide to World Travel and the Outdoors by Nan Jeffrey
Jeffrey covers every aspect of adventure travel with children. There is advice on how to calculate the number of nappies needed on a tropical island and how to wash them, how to live in small places, study another language and destinations to consider.

Useful Websites

Family Adventure Magazine (http://www.famtrav.com)
An information resource on family adventure vacations and a list of companies that offer family adventure travel throughout the world such as dude ranches, hiking, rafting and biking.
Family Travel (http://www.familytravel.com)
A useful site for planning a family vacation package with highlights of different resorts at the beach, ski fields or ranches.
Traveling with Children (http://www.travellingwithchildren.co.uk)
Tips and information as well as a range of products for traveling with babies and young children.
Flying with Kids (http://www.flyingwithkids.com)
Infant, baby, toddler, and child air travel tips. Advice from parents for parents planning to fly with small children and an airline web page directory.
Family Travel Forum (http://www.familytravelforum.com)
These vast archives support travel with children. There’s destination information, reviews and active bulletins.
Family Travel Guides (http://www.familytravelguides.com)
An American website with a searchable database of lodging, attractions and activities for families.
Have Children Will Travel (http://www.havechildrenwilltravel.com)
A family travel newsletter packed full of fun educational family adventures, exciting kid-friendly destinations, unique family vacation ideas
CiaoBambino (http://www.ciaobambino.com)
Ciao Bambino provides trusted and reliable accommodation recommendations written by and for parents.

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