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Suggested Tour Operators

Travel With Kidz (, + 61 7 3221 1955)
Australian family vacation experts specializing in family vacations worldwide.
Ramblers Family Adventures (, Tel. + 44 01707 386766)
A long established walking specialist operator with a program crafted for families to enjoy.

Do-it-yourself options

If you are organizing your own family vacation you could still consult with a travel agent. Some organize packages whereby you can be autonomous but they can help you with the planning, preparation, the reservations and even take care of your luggage if you’re moving around or undertaking multi sport activities.

If you are determined to arrange the whole thing yourself this doesn’t have to be difficult either. Make sure you have a clear idea of where you want to stay and the kind of itinerary you want. Make your bookings well in advance and confirm them before departure. Make sure you schedule in time for unforeseeable delays or schedule alterations.

Camping is an easy family vacation and can take you into some amazing areas. National Parks are a great place to go camping and there are often amenities provided. Plus there will be fabulous walking, swimming, wildlife viewing and possibly canoeing, bird watching or fishing to do as well. You could also combine a camping and driving vacation. Traveling in an RV or a caravan is a good way to help this go smoothly. That way the kids have their own beds every night for a good sleep and you have a ready supply of food with you if they get hungry, plus you can stop whenever you want so they don’t get too bored. Try to avoid long traveling distances and have a lot of games prepared for the time in the car.

Theme parks like Disneyland are another easy choice for family vacations although they can get expensive. Resorts with all-inclusive packages are also a good choice as many provide childcare services or activities so you and your partner can do your own thing and then meet up with the kids later.

Wherever you choose to go, be flexible and as relaxed as possible. Weather is unpredictable, transport does get cancelled and schedules can go out the window. The more you go with the flow, the more your kids will too.

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