1. Leh to Manali, India

    You’ll come to the highest road pass on earth on this almost impassable route through Northern India’s tallest Himalayan peaks.

  2. Lhasa to Katmandu, Tibet

    The Everest Basecamp and the Rongbuk Monastery are among the extraordinary stops on this incredibly challenging bike route that only the advanced cyclists should attempt.

  3. Hindu Kush, Pakistan

    Glaciers line the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan where you’ll ride a rugged route across dirt roads and jeep tracks.

  4. Paro to the Eastern Border, Bhutan

    This route along high Himalayan passes is one of the most challenging, and desolate, routes in the world.

  5. The Golden Triangle, Thailand

    The lawless border area near Laos and Burma is home to Hill Tribes like the Karen and Akha, as well as village paths and elephant trails perfect for some fat tire riding.

  6. Silk Road, China

    This trip across Western China was once part of the Spice route to Rome, now the stunning deserts and mountains, along with Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors, rarely see westerners.

  7. Rajasthan, India

    Mustachioed men in bright turbans are perhaps the most normal sites you will pass when peddling these easy route across Rajasthan. Ancient palaces, Hindu temples, and Maharaja style feasts in one of the hottest regions of the world are waiting.

  8. Noto Peninsula, Japan

    After long days of cycling across the jagged landscape, hop into a hot onsen bath at a ryokans, or Japanese inn.

  9. Hanoi to Saigon, Vietnam

    Ride the two pulsating cities of the north and south, passing limestone mountains, the Red River Valley, and rural villages and unspoiled beaches.

  10. Celestial Mountains to Kirghizstan, Kazakhstan

    This spectacular journey under 22,950 foot peaks, through vast open steppes filled home to nomadic horsemen, would make even Borat proud.