Recommended reading

The Art of Travel with A Sketchbook by Mari Le Glatin Keis
Contains effective tips and illustrations to help travelers record their experiences in sketches.
Places: A Travel Companion for Music and Art Lovers by Robert Craft
Robert Craft conducted orchestras and traveled with the Stravinsky’s for years, making travel a habit. In this book he explores faraway places with luggage that contains an additional library of classical texts, guidebooks and dictionaries.
A Literary Companion To Venice: Including Seven Walking Tours by Ian Littlewood
Arranged in the form of seven detailed walks through Venice, with the writings of Byron, Goethe, James, Proust, Lawrence, Pound and others to illuminate the streets, palaces, churches and canals.
The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia by Theodore Levin
Levin writes about his successes in identifying and recording musical traditions of areas such as Tashkent and Samarkhand but also of the myths kept alive through music and the healers that use music as therapy.
A Children’s Literature Tour of Great Britain by Mark I .West
Provides detailed information on 49 important sites with a strong connection to children’s literature. Each chapter begins with background information about the author or character such as King Arthur or Robin Hood. There are tidbits about birthplaces, memorials, landscapes and gift shops.
On the Writer’s Trail: 20 Great Literary Journeys by Christina Hardyment
Provides an insight into the lives of Britain’s greatest writers by focusing on the places they lived and the landscapes, houses and gardens that inspired them.
The Tavern Lamps are Burning: Literary Journeys Through Six Regions and Four Centuries of NY States by Carl Carmer
These writings compiled by Carmer capture an essence of the New York State that spans four centuries and six regions. Read Rudyard Kipling on Buffalo’s grain elevators, Edith Wharton in the Hudson River Country, Herman Melville on the Erie Canal, Henry James on Saratoga, Washington Irving on Knickerbocker and many others.
In the Steps of Jane Austen: Walking Tours of Austen’s England by Anne-Marie Edwards and Michael Edwards
A detailed account of Austen’s life and work told via a series of walking tours through towns and countryside she knew and loved.
A Literary Companion to Rome: Including Ten Walking Tours by John Varriano
This guide and the ten walks helps you to discover the grandeur of Rome through the works of James, Isben, Dickens, Goethe, Woolf and Wilde.
Eyewitness Travel Guides
Detailed information on the arts, architecture and delights of cities and regions around the world.

Your favorite author’s books: eg. Hemingway, Steinbeck, Austen, Fitzgerald, Dickens etc.

Useful Websites

World Events Guide (
A comprehensive searchable database of events around the globe include art and literature, comedy, culture, dance and more.
China Highlights (
China Travel Guide including a comprehensive list of Chinese traditional art including Beijing opera, Chinese seals and Chinese kites.
Culture Kiosque (
Travel calendar for art, classical music, jazz, opera and dance with worldwide events to visit.
Museums (
A list of the galleries, museums and exhibitions around the world.
Jane Austen Centre (
A permanent exhibition in Bath of Austen’s life plus details of year round walking tours.
World Music Central (
Provides news content about world music, festivals, artist biographies, music books and international arts and crafts.
The Art Newspaper (
News of events in and affecting the world of visual arts.
New York City Theatre (
Tickets to the theatre venues, musicals, plays, concert and off-Broadway shows.
Official London Theatre Guide (
Features news, tickets, features, interviews and listings for West End.