Training/Practice Exercises

The best preparation for these kind of travels is research. If you are undertaking a do-it-yourself type journey you will need to be thoroughly versed on the locations you are seeking, how to get there and where to stay. A good guidebook purchase can help with essentials. If you are following an authors footsteps read as much as possible on them before you go.

If you’re preparing to do performances overseas obvious a considerable amount of pre-trip rehearsals will be required to tune up your act. You may even wish to schedule in time on tour for practice as you go.

If you are planning a literary tour read through the literature associated with that tour to enable you to get more out of the trip. That might mean reading an authors biography as well as the literature they produced.

Gear Requirements/Packing lists

Your packing list depends very much on the type of vacation you choose. Most tour operators offering arts, literature or music itineraries will require that you bring specialist equipment. For example if it’s a painting vacation they may ask you bring your own palette, paint and brushes while they supply the tables for you to work at and the hanging space for your finished work. On music vacations they may request that you bring an instrument but will provide the music to play from. Similarly any independent travel involving performances will require you to be self prepared with any props, costumes and equipment that you need. On a literary tour it might be useful to take some of the completed works of the author (as long as they aren’t too heavy). If it’s a walking vacation you should pack a pair of comfortable boots with thick socks. Pens, notepads and sketchbooks are useful for note taking or any inspirational jottings you need to make.

In terms of a clothing list try to pack as light as possible with items that can double up for more than one outing and are suitable for the location. In Europe you may need some smart clothes for must-have dinners or café visits. Whereas in Asia more subdued and modest items would be better. In cooler climates you will need to pack warmer, in tropical areas go for cool, easy fitting options. Remember you can buy items as you travel so there’s no need to pack the kitchen sink.