Although relaxing and low-key vacation destinations will always appeal to worldly adventurers, it's important to consider a rare breed of traveler: the thrill-seeker. The thrill-seeker pursues the higher, the faster, the most daring - any adventurous jaunt that will get their heart beating a little faster.

Hold on tight for five of the most exhilarating tourist spots around the globe.

Photo Credit: Charlotte

The Ledge at Skydeck - Chicago

Piercing the sky of downtown Chicago is the Willis Tower (fondly always Sears to long time residents), home to numerous corporations and the legendary Skydeck Ledge observatory. Not for the faint of heart, the Ledge offers its patrons an incomparable view of Chicago from 1,353 feet up - all from the security of a fully-transparent glass observation ledge.

For thrill-seekers that are hesitant to take the courageous walk out onto the Ledge, never fear. The floor is composed of five panels of 1,500 pound glass, with each panel made of three-inch-thick glass.

The Ledge at Skydeck Chicago certainly weighs in as a heavy-hitter in the realm of dangerous tourist spots across the globe, and is open 365 days a year to satisfy every thrill-seeker's insatiable craving for staggering heights with a hint of terror.

Photo Credit: Jacques Beaulieu

Tianmen Mountain Glass Walkway - Zhangjiajie, China

Akin to the Ledge, China's newest daring tourist spot offers its visitors a walk on the wild side - literally. Hanging from the edge of the majestic Tianmen Mountain, the glass walkway clings to the side of the mountain from a heart-pounding 4,700 feet above sea level.

Tourists must traverse the 200-feet-long walkway in order to reach its end, which wraps around the side of the mountain. Visitors have remarked that their walk was exhilarating and enjoyable, so long as you "don't look down." But scaring yourself senseless is just half the fun, right?

Photo Credit: Charles Haynes

The Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls - Zambezi River, Africa

The pinnacle of all daring tourist spots, the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls serves as a prime opportunity for a death-defying thrill. The Devil's Pool is naturally-formed rock pool at the very edge of Victoria Falls, just grazing the line of safety and plunging from a gut-wrenching 100-meter drop-off.

Appealing to solo adventurers and families alike, the Devil's Pool typically attracts visitors from September to December, and is easily accessed from Livingstone Island in Zimbabwe. Although deaths have been reported from falling over the edge of the pool, fatal accidents are very rare for Devil's Pool enthusiasts.

Whether your poison of choice is climbing to daring heights or swimming in boundary-less waters, the most dangerous tourist spots around the globe cater to each thrill-seeker's heart-pumping desires.

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CN Tower EdgeWalk - Toronto, Canada

Sure, you can get a good view of the city from inside a skyscraper, but have you ever thought to encircle the outside of a building? The world's highest 360 hands-free walk, you'll be circling bustling Toronto on a 5 foot wide ledge 116 stories above the ground. Walking in groups of six attached to a safety rail and harness system, trained guides will encourage you to push your limits with nothing but beautiful Lake Ontario below.

Photo Credit: BridgeClimb

BridgeClimb- Sydney Harbour

If you've ever dreamed of summiting an iconic landmark, here's your chance. To Sydneysiders, the Bridge is a symbol of more than just their city, it's a part of Australia. It's one of the most photographed spots in the country and one of their gifts to the world. Offering various climb packages, you can ascend the iconic spot at dawn, twilight, or nighttime based on your photo preferences.