Every hotel worth their spit has a concierge to assist guests with their travel plans. The local person who knows the ins and outs of the city, how to get the allusive reservation at the “must go-to” restaurant or the person to secure you tickets to that sold out show. But that's commonplace. The truly elite properties differentiate themselves by catering to the more unique tastes. Get ready to try these crazy concierge services at luxury hotels across the world all looking to up their service game.

Crawfish Concierge - Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans

You know you’re in the Deep South when you start talking crawfish. However, if the peeling, cooking and sucking seems like more work than these tasty critters are worth, New Orleans's Crawfish Concierge is there to demystify the meal. Every Saturday, no matter the season, this handy-to-have-around Concierge teaches guests the proper way to prepare the local Louisiana staple in the hotel’s tree-draped courtyard. Call it a crash course in crawfish.

Fragrance Concierge - Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver

If you’re one of those people that likes to change up your signature scent every so often, there’s no longer a risk of incurring the wrath of those nasty TSA agents for bringing a handful of liquids flying. The Rosewood Hotel Georgia's Fragrance Concierge – or Fragrance Butler – will bring a selection of scents up to your room that have personally been selected to provide guests “A sense of place” or, in this case, a scents of place. The hotel’s personalized fragrance menu includes Bulgari Black and Miss Dior Cherie and, for the fellas, Terre d’Hermes and Bleu de Chanel. No matter the time, with just a ring, your Concierge will be just a mist and whiff away.

Cheese Cart Concierge - The Nines Hotel, Portland

For those who don’t know their Beaufort from their Banon, the Urban Farmer restaurant at The Nines Hotel has a roaming Cheese Cart to give your tastebuds an education. Simply summon the Concierge when you get the craving and you'll be treated to a customized smorgasbord of selections from around the world, along with accoutrements such as honey that comes directly from the hotel’s rooftop hives.

Steak Knife Concierge - Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa, Carlsbad, CA

At the Argyle Steakhouse in the Aviara Golf Cub you’ll find plenty of prime cuts of beef: California Natural, American Wagyu and Japanese Wagyu. But who knew that some knives were better than others based on the cut? The concierge, of course. New this spring, this concierge program ensures you will always have the appropriate utensil to man your meats under the careful guidance of a trained staff member knowledgeable about the restaurant’s impressive knife collection.

Sneaker Concierge - Dream Downtown, NYC

Every traveler knows that New York is a shopper's paradise. But even the savviest shopper might not know where to go to get the hippest sneakers in the city of cool. This is where Dream Downtown's Sneaker Concierge comes in: only he can get you access to the rarest and most limited-edition sneakers in all of New York, nay – the world. He's also the Vibes Curator, so if you're looking for a new mix of tunes, he'll customize a playlist and put it on a USB for you to take home.

Cultural Concierge - Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs, CA

Like the fun director on a cruise, the Cultural Concierge’s job is to ensure you’re always having a good time with plenty of activity options. Picture full moon drum circles, artsy pop ups for Modernism Week and a night observing the cosmos on the hotel’s stargazing deck, perhaps with a cosmo or other cocktail in hand.

Beer Concierge - Hotel Vermont, Burlington, VT

With the local craft brew scene burgeoning, it should come as no surprise that you need someone on the inside with serious intel. Whether you’re looking for the best beer on tap or want to know more about hops and malts, Matt Canning is your guy. He even hosts a full-day beer tour of all the best breweries in Burlington – designated driver included, of course.

Sarong Concierge - Ritz-Carlton, Bali

The Sarong Concierge at The Ritz-Carlton was created partially out of need and partially out of necessity. This fancy lady will teach you how to wear a sarong so that you look elegant and graceful and not like a ship out of water. But even before that, she'll take you to tour a local factory to experience the intricacies of how the traditional Balinese sarongs are made. Once you’ve donned the sarong of choice, the Concierge will take you to experience the village temple, now that you're properly attired.

Art Concierge - Le Royal Monceau – Raffles, Paris

Perhaps one of the most specialized concierges out there, the Art Concierge at Le Royal Monceau is the go-to gal for all things art-related in Paris. As you can imagine this is a huge undertaking, but her role is to keep you in the know about all the current trends in the art world, the must-see exhibitions and arrange unique artistic outings along with customized tours of the hotel’s extensive private collection.

Canine Concierge - Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Los Cabos

For pampered pooches, the doggie butlers at Las Ventanas al Paraiso will make sure your four-legged friend gets the VIP treatment he or she deserves. Daily walks along the beach, tailor-made menus, party planning services, pup massages and “doga” classes are just some of the amenities to be found at this ritzy Mexican resort. Of course, the real plus for the humans is that rather than get up at 6 am to walk your little angel or cut dinner short, the team will take care it for you so you can enjoy the vacation, best friend in tow.