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With its white and golden beaches, swaying palms and crystal clear waters, Florida is easily one of the most beautiful tropical escapes the world offers. Although the white sandy beaches and azure waters may be what first lure you here, we’d like to point your attention to the under-the-radar gems the state also has tucked away. With diverse landscapes and endless sunshine (no filter needed), you’ll want to keep your camera at the ready no matter where you go — and for that your Instagram feed will thank you.

Home to the colossal Fort Jefferson (the largest brick structure in the Americas), Dry Tortugas National Park claims seven islands, protected coral reefs, a lighthouse and a shipwreck from 1875. Nestled in the Gulf of Mexico, this historic park is sure to reap to some peculiar treasures. (Photo courtesy VISIT FLORIDA)
Florida is ripe with photo ops both during sunrise and sunset. New Smyrna Beach is known not only for its surf and beaches, but for its rolling dunes and nearby lighthouse, providing plenty of ways to get creative with your shots. (Photo courtesy VISIT FLORIDA)
We could all use a little more green in our lives — both personally and on our Instagram feeds. Whether you’re floating through the crystalline waters of the Ichetucknee River under a canopy of trees or admiring the wood ducks that call the state park home, this place is full of subjects that are sure to make your Instagram followers green with envy. (Photo courtesy VISIT FLORIDA)
While Florida is resplendent with outdoor scenes to capture, its cities also boast a flair that won’t leave your feed lacking. Cruise through the Miami Beach Architectural District, a U.S. historic district that boasts more than 15 pastel structures from the 1930s. (Photo courtesy VISIT FLORIDA)
Water and land in the Sunshine State are like yin and yang, and Cape Romano Shoals is a prime example. The drone shots from here are incredible! (Photo courtesy VISIT FLORIDA)
Don't forget the fascinating world that lies beneath the ocean surface. Home to sea turtles, exotic fish and colorful coral, the underwater world in the Florida Keys area is not to be missed. (Photo courtesy VISIT FLORIDA)
Head to the city of Davenport, near Orlando, to catch a dreamy shot of colorful hot air balloons decorating the horizon, or climb aboard one yourself for sweet shots of the scenery below. (Photo courtesy VISIT FLORIDA)
We have to admit, there’s something about those swaying palms that just never gets old. A rendezvous to Islamorada has all those relaxing views of the coast that we all know and love. (Photo courtesy VISIT FLORIDA)