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Millennials have proven time and again they're willing to pay for experiences. As a result, they've become a generation of travelers with every intention to roam and ramble, vagabond and explore. But millennials can be picky with their vacation planning. For some, the very thought can be downright paralyzing. It can be difficult to decide what to splurge on and debating how much time to spend in each destination can be just as daunting.

One option most millennials haven't considered? Cruising. Often though to be reserved for the stuffy, older set, cruising can solve a number of the hurdles millennials have from budgeting to logistical challenges.

It's Completely Hassle-Free

Going on vacation is great. The planning part, not so much. With a cruise, all you need to decide is the destination, the date and the departure, and the rest of the nitty gritty details are taken care of. You won't need to worry about getting from point A to point B, if tonight's lavish meal is a budget buster or if you'll find a cool bar to hang out at. Entertainment is available every night, activities abound, and there are tons of people right there with you. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy as the experiences come to you.

You're Always Connected

One of the constant hurdles with travel is access to the internet. Some hostels have it, others won’t. Meanwhile, some cafe’s boast high-speed internet, but it's actually painfully slow. On Celebrity Cruises, real Xcelerate high-speed internet is available at your fingertips whenever you want it. The entire ship is WiFi accessible, so you never have to miss a beat on that perfect Instagram angle or SnapChat story to update your friends back home on all the fun you're having.

Did We Mention the Nightlife?

Crush and Martini Bar are two of Celebrity's hippest, most lively places to get your drink on. Both bars actually merge into one single area where LED lighting and frozen bar tops make for a high-end night out with plenty of dancing and debauchery. If you really want to embrace your inner hipster, seek out the popup silent disco where absolutely no one will judge how you get down.

They Have a Pulse on What's Cool

One of the biggest misconceptions with cruises is that they're just for families or retirees. Sure, those groups enjoy sailing too, but Celebrity is in tune with pop culture and what guests of all ages like. The back of the ship is dedicated to sports and movies, while the reality TV addicts and foodies can partake in Top Chef Quickfire Challenges.

They're Actually Affordable

You may have lofty aspirations of traveling the world, but if you're in your first job out of college, your vacation fund is likely slim to none. Cruises come with no surprises and packages include accommodations, transportation, entertainment, and food. That's what we like to call balling on a budget.

Excursions As Unique As You Are

Whether you're into the arts or adventure, the beauty of cruising is you can completely customize the experience. Want to explore under the sea on a snorkel trip? No problem. Want to take in the arts in Barcelona? Done. Ready to eat your way around Italy? You get the idea. Even if you arrive with a boatful of people, what you do on shore is completely up to you.