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This summer Rachel Rudwall, aka @RachelRoams on social media, took off on a long weekend RV road trip to Washington State. The 600-mile journey from Bellingham to Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge featured pit stops for rugged hiking, picturesque waterfalls and sunsets over the Sound. Check out her itinerary below to start planning your own Northwest RV road trip!

Day 1: Pick up your RV and Head to the Gorge

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Once you arrive at the RV dealership, the team will walk you through everything you need to know about RV driving and camping. Most rental offices offer complete housekeeping packages — linens, towels, dishes, pots, pans — everything you'd need to get out on the road. This is the time to walk in and out of the RV and ask any questions you might have before starting the engine. It takes about two hours, from signing on the dotted line to pulling out of the parking lot. Make sure to add this time into your itinerary so you have plenty of time to see all the stops on your list.

From Bellingham, drive about two hours to Snoqualmie Falls and the town of Issaquah for snack. At 270 feet, the Snoqualmie Falls are one of Washington's most popular road trip destinations, and the area has a free viewing deck and several hiking trails nearby that are totally Instagram worthy. If you have the chance to plan your trip around Issaquah's weekly farmers market, do it. It's a great opportunity to get a bunch of food for your trip from local farmers and it's another way to immerse yourself in the local culture on your road trip.

Travel Tip: Plot your trip on an old school map (and on your phone!) just in case you don't have cell service out on the open road.

Day 2-3: Set up Camp at the Music Festival

This road trip was all centered around the Sasquatch Music Festival as the main event. The RV places you right in the center of the action for the entire festival and it quickly becomes your home away from home at the festival. While camping is awesome in its own right, there is something really great about having an RV at a music festival. First, you have your own private bathroom. Anyone who has been to a multiple day music festival knows how important that is. Secondly, you have your own shower and a real bed. More importantly, you are already at the venue, so there's no need to worry about the crowds of cars or people who are still shuffling in.

With the audience sitting on the bluffs above the stage and 360 views of the canyons and the Columbia River Gorge, there might not be a more beautiful venue than the Gorge Amphitheatre. There are hundreds of RV spots you can purchase in advance, but, remember, the earlier you arrive, the more options you have as to where you are camped for the weekend.

Travel Tip: There are several RV and camping passes available at the Gorge with the VIP pass including a closer location and your own private bathrooms. There's no need to pay the extra fee because you already have your own bathroom in the RV!

Day 3: Side Trips (Road Trip Stops) from the Gorge

The Gorge is located between some of the prettiest countryside in Washington State, so before the music begins in the morning, take a quick side trip to explore. White Bluffs (pictured above) is an old ghost town with a few remaining buildings from the World War II era. The White Bluffs themselves are the white cliffs that extend over the Columbia River. The area is perfect for a late spring hike (and photos!) and it's usually full of birds and covered in desert wildflowers around the time of the concert each year. If you have time to spare, the area is also locally famous for its wineries and vineyards too.