Whitefish is a know-your-neighbor kind of place. A charming, small town with big hospitality—and a gateway to the world’s most beautiful mountains. In Whitefish it's not who you are, it's how you live. A vibrant western town located in the northern Rocky Mountains of Montana next to Glacier National Park, millions of acres of spectacular, unspoiled nature are in every direction.

Winter provides Whitefish with a season of deep white. The sun rises late — it's okay to sleep in. The first chairlift ride to the summit is a relaxed 9:30 a.m. Storms roll in and sit over town. And that glorious snow is there to play with. There’s an energy created by sliding across snow on the edge of the civilized world where the air smells of possibility.

When the chairlifts close for winter and the snowy blanket starts to melt under the warm spring sun, it reveals mountains that bloom into full Technicolor with the longer spring days, bursting with breathtaking adventures across our storied, natural playground.

This is the Whitefish version of high-definition TV. There’s no need to flip on the tube when you have 18-hours of daylight to play. People who come here unplug and ask the locals how to best use their time.

Time is precious—and the townspeople in Whitefish are serious about making the most of the clock. As the summer days stretch out with the longer-arcing sun, time is suspended in the hazy blue light floating over Whitefish Lake at 11 p.m.

You can have more fun after a good dinner on Central Avenue—with meat and produce from local farms—than most people have all month. This corner of Montana holds secrets of the natural world that make you feel more alive. If you have yet to discover the secrets of a Whitefish adventure (i.e.: spring is our secret season), we hope when you visit us that you lose track of time and get lost in the mountains.