Photo Credit: Matthew Paulson

There’s a reason that so many outdoors enthusiasts flock to Tennessee all year round: It boasts an amazing number of outdoor activities and adventures. Whether you’re an avid rock climber, a dedicated fisherman, a serious hiker or someone who enjoys anything relating to fun in the water, Tennessee is sure to have something that will blow your hair back. Camping, boating and being at one with nature are all easy to do in this gorgeous state. On top of all that, there are awe-inspiring natural attractions - and amazing flora and fauna - at every turn.

A Bounty of Natural Attractions

If you think that amazing rock formations are only found in the American Southwest, think again. Tennessee has its own fair share of breathtaking formations and other natural attractions. More than 8,500 caves can be found throughout the state; there are also more than 600 lovely waterfalls to enjoy. Beyond all of that, Tennessee is home to many natural formations like arches, rock bridges and rock windows. At the end of the day, you’ll feel as if you’ve been swept away to a whole other world.

Phenomenal Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Tennessee is an outdoor sports enthusiast’s dream come true. Whether you’re passionate about fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, biking, rock climbing or any other outdoor activity, you won’t have to look far to find someplace in which to enjoy it. The state’s many state and national parks allow for plenty of outdoor sporting opportunities. Its abundance of rivers, streams and lakes all add to the fun - and plenty of these opportunities are totally free to enjoy! Wherever your outdoor interests may lie, you should be able to engage in some of the best opportunities in the country in this unforgettable state.

Nature and Wildlife Viewing

Thanks to the pristine nature of so many parts of Tennessee, wildlife and beautiful types of plants and other greenery are easy to enjoy just about anywhere. The many different geographical regions of the state allow for an eclectic mix of species. From the Blue Ridge to the Appalachian Ridge and Plateau, you’re going to love the dizzying array of plants and animals that call Tennessee home. Lofty mountain peaks, deep, green valleys and graceful coastal plains all converge to create one of the most mesmerizing natural ecosystems in North America.

Exciting Water Sports

You don’t have to be on the beach of a major ocean to enjoy exceptional water sports activities - you just have to be in Tennessee. The state’s high concentration of rivers, lakes, waterfalls and streams ensure that there’s always somewhere nearby at which to have fun in the water. Thrill seekers can indulge in some heart-pounding rides down crashing and splashing rapids, while others can float lazily down a quiet stream. Jet skiing can be enjoyed at several of the state’s larger lakes, while riverboat cruises and paddle-boating opportunities provide additional water enjoyment opportunities.

An Eclectic Mix of Parks and Natural Areas

As the home to a long stretch of the world-famous Appalachian Trail, Tennessee has carved out an amazing niche for itself in terms of natural areas and parks. The AT’s highest elevations can be found within the state, challenging hikers and thrilling visitors who are in search of topnotch views. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park sprawls across half a million dazzling acres and is teeming with pristine land and gorgeous vistas. You don’t have to restrict yourself to large, popular parks, either - a quiet mountain lake can be just as welcoming.