Hot springs in Taiwan are one of the many ways to experience the incredible scenery of Asia’s majestic landscape. Everywhere you turn in the country, you’re sure to be confronted with a reminder of the importance of these unique water sources, which are driven by volcanic activity and oceanic trenches. From a popular museum that’s dedicated to them to piping hot examples high up in the mountains, this country is bursting at its seams with an interesting and complex landscape made for zen.

Check out these favorite steamy areas:

Dongpu Region - Healing Waters and Amazing Scenery

Located in the shadow of the majestic Jade Mountain, the Dongpu Hot Springs beckon thousands of road-weary travelers each year. The crystal-clear bicarbonate waters emerge at temperatures of around 118 degrees Fahrenheit; for centuries, the waters have been prized for their relaxing properties. Once you’ve rested up, roam around the scenic surroundings. The nearby Rainbow Waterfall is one great place to visit, or you could simply take a stroll through blossoming peach, cherry and plum trees.

Photo Credit: Michael Rehfeldt

Go Off the Beaten Path on the East Coast

Only half a century ago, venturing to Taiwan’s east coast was a major undertaking. Today, tunnels, trains and other modern forms of transportation have made getting there a breeze. That’s especially fortunate because the region is jam-packed with gorgeous Taiwan hot springs amid breathtaking mountains. Out of all of the many options - including the Fan-Fan springs and the Lisong springs - the Nanao springs are the most remote and beautiful.

Photo Credit: Timogan

Explore Temples and Hot Springs at Guanziling

In Taiwan’s Tainan County, the Guanziling springs have been enchanting visitors for years. These unique springs include muddy waters that are said to clarify the skin, much like the healing powers of the Dead Sea. Methane also burns at many of the springs in this region, creating a truly unforgettable sight. In addition to the springs, the Guanziling area boasts dozens of sacred temples that add to the ambiance of the region.

Photo Credit: Alexander Synaptic

Visit Jiaoxi, Taiwan’s Hot Spring Epicenter

Most resort towns have some sort of “claim to fame” that keep visitors coming back again and again. In Jiaoxi, Taiwan, it’s the springs. This rural area is located in the northern section of Taiwan’s Yilan County. Huge resorts abound at Jiaoxi, making it easy to find a place to stay. In addition to hot water springs, cold water springs are also available. The rich mineral content of the waters here helps to clear the complexion - you’ll feel like you’ve spent the day at a topnotch spa after you leave!

Photo Credit: M-Louis

Walk Along Hot Spring Streets in Wulai

In the native aboriginal language, Wulai means “hot springs.” That’s fitting, since this scenic and charming town is awash in famous springs. At first glance, the town almost looks like Venice; spring water flows down and runs right next to buildings and homes, creating a “street.” Many local hotels boast their own private bath houses, but public bathing areas are also available.

Photo Credit: Shenghung Lin

Study up on Spa History at the Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Beitou is Taipei’s hot spring district and home to the Beitou Hot Spring Museum. Housed in what used to be the main bath house, it was erected during the Japanese occupation of the country and since has been restored to all of its former glory. Fascinating displays demonstrate how these bath houses operate - and the ways in which steam and water are used for therapeutic purposes. Educational matters aside, the building boasts incredible architecture and design elements that are sure to capture your attention.

Photo Credit: Blowing Puffer Fish

Soak in a Saltwater Hot Spring on Green Island

Although it is most famous for being the home of various penal colonies and prisons through the years, Green Island - which is a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean - also boasts many prime tourist attractions. Most notably, the island is home to a wonderful saltwater hot spring that is sure to relax and rejuvenate you. It is located right by the beach, too, making it a suitable pit-stop for anyone who’s planning to play in the surf. Scuba diving is another popular pastime on the island; a visit to the hot spring is sure to soak away any sore muscles that you have after such an excursion. As a part of your Taiwanese adventure, Green Island is sure to fit right in!