Often times, people rent cabins in the woods or mountains to get away from it all. There’s just something so appealing about going off the grid for a bit, turning off your cell phone and stepping away from the urban sprawl. If you’re someone who likes seclusion, wilderness lodges in Nunavut may just become your favorite haven.

Photo Credit: Mike Beauregard

Wilderness adventure lodges in Nunavut are intentionally situated in remote locations chosen for the wide variety of outdoor activities they offer and their pristine arctic landscapes. Most are situated in the Kitikmeot region, the westernmost part of Nunavut near the Bathurst Inlet. So extreme, most have no permanent roads for access. To arrive, you’d have to take a floatplane, boat, sled dog, or snowmobile, depending on the season.

The place to get one on one with nature, enjoy sea kayaking, iceberg hunting, walrus chasing, fishing, hiking, or bird watching as you explore this uniquely unpopulated Canadian territory. Mountain biking, ATV excursions, and seeing polar bears in the wild are other popular outdoor adventures.

What’s It Like?

Don’t fret, you’re not sleeping in an igloo out in the cold, but it is essentially the arctic equivalent of a safari camp. Cabins are cozy and heated, fully catered with meals and hotel-like staff. If you’d like to cook your own food, however, fishing for the day’s fresh catch and grilling it up is very common as it doesn’t get more local, fresh and seasonal than that.

Arctic Watch is one of the most popular and luxurious, situated on an island with no permanent residents. It is a world-class beluga whale observation site and breeding ground, attracting many naturalists and animal-lovers to admire the gentle giants in their natural habitat. Guests are only allowed in the summer, which makes for an even more unique experience as the summer solstice provides 24-hours of daylight for full days of activities. If you’re curious about the most extreme regions of the planet, the experience is unmatched.