Mauritania is not exactly one of the world’s premier tourist destinations and some may even struggle to find it on a map. This, however, in no way means that the country has little to offer. Mauritania is filled with cultural intrigue, breathtaking natural sights and activities to satisfy every desire. It is indeed a lesser known vacation spot, but therein lies its appeal.

Mauritania has an extremely exciting geography, from the Saharan Desert to a gorgeous coastline. This makes for an appealing and diverse trip. The country’s neighbors, including Algeria, Mali and Senegal, are also extremely beautiful regions, offering their own sights and activities for a stop before or after a trip to Mauritania.

Nature lovers will appreciate the opportunity to connect with the country’s great waters on a traditional fishing trip or to simply enjoy a day at one of Mauritania’s lovely beaches. If its culture you’re after, visit a local tribe or take a trip to a local fish market to be mesmerized by the skillful mongers at work.

Most of Mauritania’s sights are, unsurprisingly, based outdoors. From ghost towns in the desert to the pink mountains of the Adrar, visitors rarely leave disappointed. There are also a few attractions which are great for people wishing to learn more about the country’s past and to take a deep look at the region’s rich heritage and culture. The National Museum in Nouakchott is the perfect place to pass the time.

Mauritania does not see many travelers, but the country has a wide range of accommodation options available to suit all kinds of needs and budgets. Choices in the city range from luxury hotels to inexpensive guesthouses. The cuisine is quite simple, consisting mostly of meat and starch dishes, but there are plenty of international dining options to appease those with restless palates.

Public transportation in Mauritania is not as well developed as in other African regions, but there are a few options for travelers who want to navigate their way overland. The only train line is in the north and is more for recreational purposes than for practical use. There are a few private bus companies which connect cities and charge reasonable rates. The best way to get around the cities is by taxi as renting a car can be expensive and many roads are considered unsafe.


  • Watch the enchanting process of fish mongering at a local market
  • Explore the desert ghost town of Ouadane
  • Take a trip on the county’s famous iron-ore train
  • Learn more about Mauritanian history and culture at Nouakchott’s National Museum
  • Experience the traditional way of life with the Dolphin tribe
  • Take in the majestic stature and interesting architecture of the Grand Mosque