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It can be hard to pinpoint just exactly what makes Louisiana as magical as it is. Between the authentic Cajun cooking and the fierce pride of its cultural heritage, the infectious musical rhythms and the year-round festivals, the truth is it's one of the few states in the country that still has an experience for, well, everyone. More than just New Orleans, Louisiana's wetlands and good-natured locals are as eclectic as they come — and no state celebrates its uniqueness quite as well as Louisiana does. During your visit, you'll learn to embrace the customs and traditions, the food and the music, and learn about the history that shaped the state into what it is today. In all seriousness, it is simply something you must experience for yourself. Take a look at the photos below to learn more about the Pelican State, then click here to begin planning your Louisiana vacation.

From zydeco to Cajun, jazz to blues, it’s hard to walk the streets of Louisiana without hearing live music in the distance. Whether dancing at the annual Baton Rouge Blues Festival, joining in on a local jam session, or swaying to the rhythms of the late great Louis Armstrong, music will be the centerpiece of any vacation here. (Photo by @gabriellegeiselmanmilone courtesy Louisiana Travel)
At more than 400 annual festivals a year, there are more festivals than there are national holidays in this state. Anything that brings live music, savory food, and friendly people together is a good excuse to throw a party. Let the good times roll. (Photo by @discovermonroewestmonroe courtesy Louisiana Travel).
Louisianians put their heart and soul into everything they do, especially when it comes to visual and performing arts. Featuring event centers like the F. Jay Taylor Visual Arts Center and festivals like the Red River Revel Arts Festival, this sunny state is ready to give your senses a show. (Photo by @roustoncvb courtesy Louisiana Travel)
In Louisiana, homes are as vibrant as the souls who inhabit them. Tasteful French Creole inspired architecture with wraparound porches and symmetrical pillars are painted in every color of the rainbow. They make for the perfect pictorial souvenir — don’t forget your camera! (Photo by @davidnola courtesy Louisiana Travel)
If you haven’t picked up on it already, Louisiana has a tendency to celebrate all the things that make us feel good in life. Rest assured you won’t leave on an empty stomach. Nestled on the Gulf of Mexico and along the banks of the Mississippi River, Louisiana boasts some of the best seafood in the country — it has become an essential to every Cajun and Creole dish. (Photo courtesy Louisiana Travel Instagram)
Several plantation mansions still remain throughout Louisiana. With its 28 stoic oaks lining the drive, Oaks Alley Plantation is perhaps one of the most famous — and most photographed — plantation home in the state. It's roughly an hour outside both Baton Rouge and New Orleans. (Photo by @adventuresbyemma courtesy Louisiana Travel)
The balmy bayous and placid swamps create a labyrinth through the lush terrains of this region. Being outside is a preferred pastime, and the on-the-water opportunities are seemingly endless — paddling, fishing, boating — it’s quite possible to never set foot on land. (Photo courtesy Louisiana Travel)
A New Orleans favorite, Cafe du Monde has been serving up these soft pillowy treats known as beignets since 1862. Brought to Louisiana by the Acadians, these powdery bites of doughy goodness are served in batches of three — though it’s totally acceptable to order more! (Photo by fleurdeleats courtesy Louisiana Travel)
New Orleans isn't the only city with culture and history. The state's capital city, Baton Rouge, is bursting with pride over its two Capitol Buildings. The former, pictured above, is renown for its colorful glass dome and museum, while the current Capitol Building is the tallest in the US. (Photo by @k_hoffman_photography courtesy Louisiana Travel)
With over 400 species of birds and plenty of natural areas to experience them, Louisiana is a paradise for both man and nature. To ensure you don't miss them, be sure to opt in on any sunrise boat tour you can. (Photo courtesy Louisiana Travel)
Alligators are commonplace in this corner of the South. You can see them throughout the state in the marshes of the Creole Nature Trail and on a special swamp tour in Slidell. (Photo by @tyronecallahan courtesy Louisiana Travel)
Swamp and marshland tours are available throughout the state. Unlike museums or aquariums, these tours allow visitors to engage with and gain a new appreciation for the ecosystem in an exciting — and sometimes exhilarating — way. (Photo courtesy Louisiana Travel)
They don’t call Louisiana a “Sportsman’s Paradise” for just any reason. Between bass, crappie, snapper, and flounder, you won't want to leave your rod and reel at home. (Photo courtesy Louisiana Travel)
Maybe its the moss-covered oaks or the silent swamps, but there will always be a sense of a mystery to the state of Louisiana. Whether it’s the haunted houses or voodoo rituals, the spooky factor is real (and you must see it to believe it). Some places to consider: Myrtles Plantation (the most haunted in the state) and a nighttime voodoo tour through the French Quarter. (Photo courtesy @themyrtlesplanation)
And, at the end of a busy day of exploring, we think you'll find there's nothing prettier than a Louisiana sunset. Ready to start planning your vacation? (Photo courtesy Louisiana Travel)