Thanks to delectable ingredients like bright Roma tomatoes, rustic garlic, exotic spices, and copious amounts of cheese, there's a good chance that Italy is the birthplace of at least one of your favorite foods. A trip to Italy is a culinary dream, but with wood-fired pizza and fresh pasta on virtually every corner, how on earth do you even begin narrowing down where to eat? Here are six restaurants in six cities where you can find the most authentic Italian flavors anywhere.

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What to Get: Ravioli

Where to Get It: Zeb Gastronomia

The pasta gods did it right when it comes to ravioli -- and what is better than stuffing yourself full of tiny doughy pockets of love? Zeb Gastronomia in Florence boasts out-of-this-world fillings like zucchini flower and truffle with ricotta. Treat yourself to a rustic ravioli and glass of wine followed by one of their many traditional Italian desserts like the staple homemade tiramisu.

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What to Get: Margherita pizza

Where to Get It: Piz

Pizza is a universal comfort food with every country offering their own variation, but we say nothing trumps the original. To get your hands on an authentic slice, head to Piz in Milan. The classic pie includes tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, based on the colors of the Italian flag. For more adventurous eaters, Piz’s signature creation; the Delicata Bianca is topped with mozzarella, poppy seeds, chives, and parmesan. Piz is known all over Italy for their highly edited menu and bottomless drinks, which make for a pretty unbeatable deal.


What to Get: Spaghetti Bolognese

Where to Get It: Trattoria Da Me

When in Bologna, it’s best to do as the Bolognese do. This includes sampling the great Italian go-to; spaghetti Bolognese. The city is known for creating the hearty and delicious dish with Trattoria Da Me offering scratch-made pasta, the best cuts of beef and a killer tomato sauce.

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What to Get It: Veal Saltimbocca alla Romana

Where to Get It: Osteria Bonelli

Italy is known all over the world for it's tender and succulent veal served in a myriad of robust dishes. But one of the best preparations we've found is Veal Saltimbocca alla Romana, a dish native to Rome that consists of veal, prosciutto and white wine, typically served with roasted potatoes and a little veal broth. You can get it at Osteria Bonelli, a tiny hidden gem that’s incredibly popular with locals looking for a little taste of home.


What to Get: Pollo alla Brace

Where to Get It: Amici Miei

Family owned and operated, Amici Miei is the crown jewel of Naples. Their menu is massive and covers a broad range of Italian cuisine. You can find incredible beef dishes and crazy fresh seafood, but one of the best plates on the menu has got to be the Pollo alla Brace, or the barbecue chicken. Don't expect your typical rubbed or sauced meat, though, this is Tuscan-style, roasted and seasoned to perfection. Served with seasonal vegetables, it's light, filling and divine.


What to Get: A grilled cut of beef entrecote

Where to Get It: Braceria Signorile

Bari might be a coastal paradise, but its seafood isn’t what’s shaking things up in the culinary sphere. Believe it or not, the best restaurant in the city specializes in meat of all types, preparations, and cuts. If you want a perfectly seared steak, they have it. If you want a delicately prepared sausage, they have it. If you want huge chunks of seasoned beef or pork spit-fired and immaculately rendered, they have it. This place is a meat-mecca and should not be missed if you’re in the area.