Honduras is a country in Central America full of eclectic contrast: an extensive coastline and outlying islands that offer sumptuous palm-tree lined beaches; the second largest reef in the world and the largest in the Caribbean Sea; the largest tropical rainforest in the region; and a deep Mayan history and culture. Any nature lover will be enthralled by Honduras, taking in the serene sandy shores or trekking into the jungle. There are also plenty of awe-inspiring ancient sites to be admired, and the best experience in Honduras will be to combine it and take in all of its appeal.

The Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site home to several endangered species, monkeys and tropical birds. La Ceiba on the Caribbean Coast is a good starting point to visit some of the nearby beaches or take a trip to the Bahia islands to visit the reef. The Mayan ruins at Copan give insight into a once thriving civilization in the region, or you can see more recent history wandering around the streets of Comayagua and observing the Spanish colonial architecture there.

If you are staying in the tropical lowlands of Honduras to be close to the rainforest reserves there are a range of accommodation options, usually located in coastal towns which provide all desirable amenities, plus access to the Caribbean Sea. If traveling to the Bahia islands, there are plenty of comfortable places to stay. The highlands of Honduras, which consist of the capital and the ruins at Copan, have a host of accommodations suited to all budgets. You can stay close to the Mayan ruins or regular excursions are run from Tegucigalpa. The majestic ex-Spanish Colonial town of Comayagua has a number of options, as well, also easily reached from the capital city. Typical meals are hearty with rice and beans the main staple.

Honduras currently has three international airports: at the capital of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and in the Bay Islands at Roatan. Flights to Roatan are regular, but can be limited depending on the time of year. Tegucigalpa has more frequent connections, and a popular option is to fly into San Pedro Sula then continue your journey from there, as it offers access to the Caribbean coast and good routes into the highlands and beyond. Domestic flights are readily available, or there are buses and trains to get around the country. Another way to travel to the Bay Islands is to take a boat from La Ceiba.


  • Admire the second largest reef in the world off the Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea
  • Take a trip into the jungle at the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, the largest rainforest in Central America
  • Visit the Mayan ruins at Copan, an important pre-Columbian historical site
  • Face the rapids on a rafting trip down the Cangrejal
  • Ascend into the clouds at the highest mountain in Honduras surrounded by tropical forest of Parque Celaque
  • Experience the exotic cloud forest at Cusuco National Park near San Pedro Sula
  • Enjoy the largest lake in Honduras, Yojoa, famed for its delicious fried fish sold in surrounding restaurants
  • Relax at the Caribbean Coast at the pristine sandy beaches near the town of Tela