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Colorado is best known for the Rocky Mountains dramatically rising out of the eastern plains. A mecca for all things outdoors, the state hosts some of the best skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and white water in the country. With camping and backpacking galore, mountain towns throughout the state play host to some of the most rugged and adventurous men and women in the world.

For those itching for an adrenaline rush, one sport stands out among the rest – welcome to Mountain Bike Capital USA™. A combination of balance, endurance, skill, and strength, mountain biking is as technical as it is freeform. From steep inclines to death-defying downhills, Winter Park and Fraser offer some of the best backdrops in the country to explore on two-wheels.

Cross-Country Trails

Once ski season ends and the mud dries up, bikes of all shapes and sizes start to appear around Winter Park. With over 600 miles of cross-country trails, your summer workout or leisure ride is amplified by the amazing landscape of the area. Accessible to any level of rider, scour the trail map designated with green-blue-black difficulty ratings to plan your route. Whether you’re looking for a daytime excursion or a multi-day trek to test your stamina, there are a variety of obstacles and challenges to keep it interesting.

Bike Parks

The area also features two of the best bike parks in the state. Playing host to the Colorado Freeride Festival, the largest freeride festival in the United States, it’s no wonder that the Trestle®Bike Park attracts some of the country’s biggest daredevils. With 40+ lift-served tracks, tons of ramps and jumps, riding Trestle is a coming of age experience for serious riders, that still offers the comfort of green runs and bike school for newbies. With an entire new backside section being expanded over the next few years, the park is continually updating and innovating. Also new this year is the Green Horn-it area to give beginners a taste for adrenaline. This 1/3-mile course features banks, rollers, jumps, and a pump track.

If you’re looking for a more moderate, focused park, Bike Granby Ranch is your spot. Ranging from steep, rocky downhills to calm, wide dirt roads and singletrack, the park has something for everybody on 13.2 miles of terrain. Having hosted the 2009 and 2010 USA Cycling National Championships, Bike Granby Ranch is the perfect park to take your skills to the next level. With seven easy and intermediate trails, beginners and families can take comfort in testing the waters; while more advanced riders will be pushed to the limit on black and double black trails.

See the Pros

With tons of events and competitions each year, the Winter Park and Fraser area attracts top-notch bike talent. If you’re looking to see some of the best athletes in the world compete, consider coming during the Epic Singletrack Series or the 2016 Trestle® Gravity Series, which features head-to-head downhill races and big air events. During races, riders can roll with the pros to learn the basics of competing, course analysis, and overall technique in a variety of hosted classes.

Rentals and Gear

As the Mountain Bike Capital of the USA, the Winter Park and Fraser area gets visitors geared up at one of ten rental shops. Staff is both knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to both equipment and getting you out on the right trails for your skills and goals. They’ll be able to put you on the perfect bike for your size and ride style to ensure comfort and safety. Who knows, after a weekend on the mountain, you may just be sold into mountain biking as a lifetime sport.

Need to Know

If you’re new to the sport, be sure to read the Rules of the Trail for etiquette and tips, and check out a few quick videos to get inspired and kick your biking knowledge into high gear. No matter your experience when visiting the Mountain Bike Capital, we guarantee you’ll be coming back year after year to join the elite athletes and leisurely riders in colorful Colorado.