Pakistan’s vast and varied geographical environment is an adventurer’s dream destination. The country boasts some of the best adrenaline pumping activities. With everything from hiking in the country’s world-famous mountains and skiing on their snow-covered peaks in the winter, to navigating the exciting rivers which flow right through them, this country certainly knows how to deliver in the outdoors.

There are however, a few activities which don’t raise the blood pressure as much. Why not visit one of the many polo clubs in Pakistan and take in a long standing tradition during polo season? Or even better, families can always travel to Rawal Lake, where a fun afternoon can be enjoyed by everyone.

During the cool season from April to October the climatic conditions are absolutely perfect for hiking and trekking. Pakistan is one of the most popular mountaineering destinations in the world as it is home to five of the highest peaks in the world. Most mountaineers prefer going to the northern areas where the trails are the best. Popular spots include Gilgit and Skardu. Many tour companies arrange trips such as these, including the reputable local company Travel and Culture.

During winter many of the mountainous regions get particularly bogged down with snow. While this is bad sign for hikers and trekkers, it provides the perfect conditions for skiing. The prime spot for skiing in the country is the Malam Jabba Resort which rests snugly in the Karakoram mountain range. Instructors are available for all levels of skier so first-timers need not be intimidated.

Pakistan is certainly a land of adventure and the same can be said about its waters. Water babies will be pleased with the many opportunities to go white water rafting in the rivers located in towards the north of the country. Canoeing is also becoming increasingly popular in the region and many operators organize tours for all levels of ability. Adventure Pakistan is one example of a well-established company organizing outdoor excursions in the north.

For those wanting to take it easier, there is always lazing by Rawal Lake. Located only five miles outside of Islamabad, the lake makes for a lovely day drip and provides some respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors can take a dip under the scorching Pakistani sun or pack a picnic and spend a leisurely afternoon with the family.

One of the most popular activities in the country is attending a local cricket or polo match. There are many clubs around the country which advertise their polo seasons, the most popular of which is the Lahore Polo Club, which is a hit with the local elite. The games are quite lively, often accompanied by live music and cheering crowds. Order a pint of beer and watch as the teams fight it out, following one of the few English traditions which remain in the country.