The official language of Nepal is Nepali, spoken by only 49 percent of the population, with the remainder speaking at lest one of the other 91 languages use here. English is spoken in the major tourist areas by those working in the sector, but is unlikely to be found in the more remote regions or small villages.


The currency in Nepal is the Nepalese rupee; with currency exchange offered in banks and licensed money-changing booths. ATMs are now found in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other major cities, and travelers’ checks are accepted outside the major cities. Indian currency is also valid here, but carrying Indian 500 and 1,000 rupee notes is illegal.


The difference between the Nepal time zone and GMT is + 4.5 hours.


Nepal uses electricity at 200-240V/50H, with both Indian and Europlug sockets in use. Visitors whose appliances use 110-120V will need a plug adapter and a step-down transformer, and most dual-voltage appliances will need a plug adaptor.


The dialing code for Nepal is 977, and the area codes are 1 digit for Kathmandu and two digits for the rest of the country. Home country cell phones on GSM900 band can be used with a local NTC or NCELL SIM card, but will need to be unlocked. Otherwise, cell phones here are very cheap, as are call charges. 3G coverage is available in major cites but coverage may be poor in rural areas.


There is a small duty-free shop at Kathmandu’s airport, and customs allowances will depend on your final destination. Those en route to the USA can take in one liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes, and gifts valued at no more than US$400 without paying duty.

Tourist Office

Nepal Tourist Office: phone n/a:

Consulates in Nepal

Australian Embassy: +977-4-371-678 Canadian Consulate: +977-1-415-193 British Embassy: +977-1-441-0583 US Embassy: +977-1-400-7200


Ambulance: 102 Fire: 101 Police: 100