Every visitor to the United States must have their travel visas prearranged before landing in the country. It is suggest that you check with your nearest US embassy for details about current visa rules or you can look online at the US government’s website for more information.

Health and Safety

Visitors to Nebraska don’t have much to worry about in terms of health or safety. It’s suggested that every visitor to America get shots for hepatitis A and B just in case you encounter a restaurant with subpar kitchen hygiene. Keep in mind that Nebraska winters can be extreme. When a strong winter storms rolls in, the roads can quickly become dangerous. If driving or hiking outdoors, stay abreast of weather conditions and prepare accordingly.

Unless you are in Omaha or Lincoln there shouldn’t be much crime to worry about. These two large cities have the usual problems, minor gang activity and theft. It’s unlikely any visitor will need to go to one of the dangerous neighborhoods in either of these areas, but use your common sense when walking around the downtown districts late at night and don't leave valuables in your car or plain sight.