Visitors who are arriving directly at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport from abroad must have their travel visa in order before landing in Michigan. Nearly every visitor to the United States needs to have a prearranged visa, so check with your local US embassy for specific details. You can also look online at the Bureau of Consular Affairs for more information.

Health and Safety

The main health concerns in Michigan involve Mother Nature. Winters in this part of America are extremely cold and major storms arrive suddenly dumping snow and ice on the roads. The climate phenomenon known as the Lake Effect tends to make winter weather along the coast colder than in other parts of the state. Whenever you’re venturing outside in winter be sure to dress very warm. Summers present the possibility of sun exposure at the beach. Even though the air feels cool, the UV rays can quickly cause burning so it pays to wear sunscreen.

Outside of Michigan’s major cities like Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint, it is very rare to encounter crime. Rural Michigan and beach towns are known for their low crime rates, but in Detroit it’s another story. The downtown area is actually one of the safest parts of the city due to good policing. But be wary when venturing out in districts like the east side after dark. Theft and muggings are common, and violence can also be a problem if you get caught up in the wrong neighborhood. Ask your hotel concierge where to avoid to stay safe.