Kazakhstan is an extremely large country, taking up five times the geographical area of France. As a result, different regions tend to experience different weather patterns, but as a whole, the area has a continental climate. Like most of its neighbors, the nation has seasonal extremes of hot summers and cold winters.

Summer is at it's peak during the months of July and August when temperatures reach up to 84°F in the large cities like Astana and Almaty. Conditions tend to get even warmer in the mountainous regions of the country. This summer draws most tourists as the conditions are pleasant and the most attractions are accessible.

Winters can be cold, with the mercury dipping below freezing and to lows of -25°F between December and February. The country begins to thaw out around March, but travelers can still expect particularly frosty mornings and chilly evenings at this time. Rain can be expected throughout the year, but is heaviest in the Altay Mountains during the winter months.

Best Time to Visit Kazakhstan

The best time to visit Kazakhstan depends on what you want to do, but the best weather is May through September. Ideal months for trekking in the country’s mountainous regions are from July to August, which is also the peak of the tourism season. During this time, accommodation and attraction prices tend to skyrocket so make sure to book your lodging and activities in advance.