Korea’s weather is classified as humid continental. It has four seasons – spring, wet monsoon, summer, and winter - with distinct temperature fluctuations during these time periods. Temperatures during the fall season range between 45°F and 66°F, and this is generally a dry, pleasant, and popular time to visit. The spring is also popular, especially during the cherry blossom season. This is peak time for Koreans to travel, and many hotels and attractions become full and are crowded. Temperatures can range from 42°F to 64°F.

Summer can be extremely muggy and humid, with monsoon season bringing heavy rains. Temperatures during this time can reach over 80°F during the day. However, little known is Korea as a skiing destination in winter. The mountainous regions get a lot of snow and temperatures can fall well below 30°F.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

One of the good things about Korea is its predictable seasonal weather. The best time to visit Korea is considered to be between September and November in the fall season, which sees pleasant weather and mild temperatures. Hotel rates are reasonable and attractions less crowded. The most expensive time to visit Korea is during the spring when many domestic travelers flock to the cities to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Hotels can be fully booked as most Koreans take their annual holidays during this season.

Korea is becoming a popular skiing destination in Asia and several of the ski resorts now offer international standard facilities and slopes. Most are open November until March and although there are many hotels to choose from, demand increases every year so it pays to book early.