Sicily Ferries

Ferries are the other major transportation links between Sicily and mainland Italy with no fewer than 20 crossings between Messina and the mainland city of Villa San Giovanni each day. Car ferries link Sicily to Tunis, Naples, Malta, and the Aeolian Islands. Larger cruise ferries travel between Palerno, Sardinia, and most major mainland Italy ports. BLUVIA rail ferries and buses also travel between Sicily and mainland Italy.

Sicily Buses and Trains

Sicily’s own bus and rail networks are generally affordable, reliable, and rapid, except on Sundays when the entire island slows down. Sicilian highways are also generally in good shape and link all of the island’s major cities, but some of the smaller roads through southern Sicily and the central mountains can be filled with erratic drivers. The mountain views along some of these rural roads, however, are incomparable. Although each Sicilian city has its own taxi network and pricing system, most Sicilian taxis are metered.

Each year, more than four million tourists across mainland Italy and the world visit Sicily for the island’s unique archaeological sites, bustling Ionian Sea beaches, and increasing number of wineries. The island is also a frequent stop on many Mediterranean cruise ships, but its sunny, dry, and mild climate attracts visitors throughout the year.

For centuries, Sicilians have worn the same coppola caps, driven the same donkey or horse drawn carts, and served the same mouth watering cuisine which has earned the island its “God’s Kitchen” nickname.