The Isle of Man has many unique and attractive options for shoppers, but these are mainly based around the souvenir trade and some of the island’s more traditional arts and crafts. There are no large malls or retail areas, but there are several interesting markets to discover.

If you’re looking for brand names and high fashion, head to Douglas. The Island’s capital has the best shopping on the Isle of Man and you’ll find a large number of big names, home goods, technology and entertainment that are well-known international favorites. You’ll also find a number of smaller shops which sell authentic Manx items, as well as a number of large UK supermarket chains.

Ramsey, in the north of the Island, has a great selection of boutiques which sell things like home furnishings, eco-friendly and fair-trade items, clothing and handmade toiletries. In Castletown you’ll discover a selection of small, independent shops nestled along the cobblestone streets including a health food store, wine cellar and old fashioned sweet shop, as well as a couple of supermarkets. In Peel and Port Erin on the western coast there is a mix of curiosity shops selling items like antiques, collectables and Manx inspired souvenirs.