Visitors from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are allowed to enter Ireland visa-free for three months on production of a valid passport. A member of the EU, UK citizens can enter visa free and stay indefinitely. A full list of countries whose nationals can enter under the visa-waiver system can be obtained online or at an Irish republic embassy or consulate, as can advice on visa requirements for citizens of other nations.

Health and Safety

No specific vaccinations are required for a vacation to Ireland, although routine shots should be kept up to date. The water is safe to drink with the exception of a few remote rural districts, and there is no risk of contaminated food. There are no snakes in Ireland, by order of the country’s patron saint, St Patrick, and the local fauna offers no threats to humans. Crime in the country is relatively low, with common sense the key to a trouble-free vacation.

Violence involving tourists is rare, and women can safely travel alone as long as they avoid dark, deserted streets at night. As in every other Western country, pickpockets and bag-snatchers operate in crowded places, and valuables shouldn’t be left unattended in pubs and restaurants. Riotous crowds at closing times are best avoided, as tempers can flare after one too many pints of Guinness. Police here are quick to respond, especially in city centers.