• If you’re going skiing, remember to include mountain rescue and helicopter costs in your travel insurance package
  • Drivers should note satellite navigation which give warnings of speed traps are illegal in France
  • Beginning July 1, 2012, drivers must carry a single-use breathalyzer
  • Electricity in France is 220V/50H, and plugs are either two- or three-pronged
  • By law, tips are including in all restaurant bills

Contact Numbers

Police: 112/17 Emergency: 112 American Hospital of Paris: +33-1-46-412-767 British Embassy Paris: +33-1-44-51-31-00 US Embassy Paris: +33-1-43-122-222 Canadian Embassy Paris: +33-1-44-432-900 Australian Embassy Paris: +33-1-40-593-300 Da Silver Victor Taxis: +33-1-42-933-786