Guatemala Taxis and Car Rental

Yellow taxis are readily available in Guatemala City, Antigua Guatemala and Flores. You can hail them in the street or call for a pickup in advance. Taxis Amarillo Express (+11-502-2470-1515) in Guatemala City and Antigua is a reliable firm. Some are metered, but most are not, so it is a good idea to ask the price before departing. Three-wheeled motor rickshaws are also common in Flores and Antigua Guatemala, and are a comfortable short ride for two or three people. Around Flores and the beach town of Monterrico, water taxis are available.

Car rental is readily available in Guatemala, and the airport and downtown have major international companies like Avis (+11-502-2324-9000), Alamo (+11-502-2362-2701) and Budget (+11-502-2332-7744. However, due to the quality of the roads, particularly in the mountainous regions, driving can be dangerous for visitors who are not used to the local conditions.

Guatemala Trains and Buses

Passenger rail services in Guatemala ceased in 2007, with the network now used for cargo transportation only. The main form of public transportation is by bus. There are an abundance of camionetas buses, which are affectionately known as “chicken buses” by travelers. They are slow, particularly when winding up and down mountain roads, and often filled to capacity with people and caged birds as the name suggests.

For a faster and more comfortable journey between major cities and attractions, it is a better idea to use private mini-buses known as “shuttles.” Transport Guatemala (+1-206-414-5900) provides service between Antigua Guatemala, Flores, Tikal, Monterrico, and the capital.