As a group of islands surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, Grenada is a great destination for a relaxing beach vacation. The secluded white sand is appealing, and the calm, clear waters make scuba diving and snorkeling a blast at 50 underwater sites. On land, eco attractions dominate from an adventure in the rainforest to the memorable viewing of the turtles breeding at Levera Beach.

Levera National Park

Levera Beach is best known as the place where turtles come to nest every year between April and July. In order to view this spectacle of nature, you will need to go with an arranged tour, as visitor numbers are strictly regulated for conservation purposes. However, there is much more to see at this park in the north of the main island. Bathway Beach is an idyllic paradise, with coconut palms draped over pristine sandy beaches. A swim in the ocean will reveal some of the reef and marine life beneath, as you wade in the warm waters or bask in the sunshine. Stroll along the Birdcage Walk bridge which extends out over the mangroves. To learn more about the nature and conservation efforts, there is a visitor’s center near the entrance. Address: Levera National Park, St Patrick, North Grenada Phone: +1-473-443-4688 Website:

Grand-Etang Lake and Forest reserve

A clear blue lake has filled the crater of a once active volcano. Surrounding is a lush, tropical rainforest where you can witness a variety of exotic animals including mona monkeys, armadillos and reptiles. Flying in the skies, you will see colorful bird-life like the rufous hummingbird and hear the call of the tropical mockingbird. Crater lake is high up with an extensive view of the forest canopy surrounding you. With a cool climate and close to the clouds, the lake is worlds away from the sandy shores of Grenada, perfect to take shelter under the palm and blue mahoe trees of the forest. Don’t miss the Concord Falls in the west end of the park, which has not just one, but three stunning cascades to admire. Address: Grand-Etang National Park, St John, Central Grenada Phone: +1-473-443-4688 Website:

Paradise Beach

Its name leads to high expectations, yet a trip to Paradise Beach certainly will not disappoint. Situated on the second largest island of Grenada, Carriacou, this pearly white beach awash with turquoise blue waters is a peaceful swimming spot to soak up the tranquility of the Caribbean. Take shade under one of the overhanging palms, bask in the sunshine, take a dip in the inviting sea where you are protected by the reef, or kick back with an umbrella drink at the beach bar. Address: Paradise Beach, Carriacou Phone: n/a Website: n/a

White Island Marine Park

Close to Carriacou and swathed with white sand as its name suggests, this small island is a popular daytrip. The snorkeling is sublime as you swim amongst shoals of tropical fish and explore the wonders of the colorful reef. It is small and secluded, but getting here is easy via a water taxi from Carriacou. Address: White Island, off South Carriacou Phone: n/a Website: n/a

Underwater Sculpture Park

Located off the western coast of the main island is the world’s first underwater sculpture park. Based on the original work of British artist Jason de Caires Taylor, seven sculptures await to be discovered below the waters of Moulinere Bay. Designed to encapsulate different aspects of Grenada’s history and culture, their implantation has formed an artificial reef, so you will be joined by plenty of marine life swimming nearby. Submerged at depths only up to 30 feet, with clear water and plenty of sunlight it’s possible to see scuba diving or snorkeling. Address: Underwater Sculpture Park, Moulinere Bay, West Grenada Phone: n/a Website:

Bianca C Shipwreck

The Bianca C is famously the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean and regularly listed as one of the top dive sites of the world. Sometimes referred to as the “Titanic of the Caribbean,” the ship went down off the coast of Grenada in 1961 and is heralded as a fantastic scuba location. Considering its depth and intricacies, the wreck is recommended for experienced divers only, yet for those willing to attempt it, there are many operators to grant access. Address: Bianca C, Western Caribbean Sea Phone: +1-473-444-1092 Website:

Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station

To gain more insight into Grenada’s spice trade, be sure to visit the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station. Tours allow you to see the processing of their biggest export which gave the country its nickname the “Spice Isle.” At the end, there is a gift shop with souvenirs reflecting the heritage of Grenada. Address: Central Depradine Street, Gouyave, St. John’s, Grenada. Phone: +1-473-444-8337 Website: n/a