New Caledonia has a semi-tropical climate moderated by trade winds from the Southeast. There are two main seasons with short transitional periods. Summer runs from November to March, and is hot and humid with temperatures averaging around 83°F. April and May provide the short fall season, when temperatures and rain cool off. Winter runs from June to August when weather averages around 71°F and the air is dry and cool. Temperatures begin to warm up again in September and October.

Rainfall can vary greatly across the island, with the tropical cyclone season stretching from December to April when it can get very wet and windy. By comparison, El Nino causes periodic dry spells.

Best Time to Visit New Caledonia

September to December is the best time to visit New Caledonia as the temperatures are warm without too much rain. The cooler months between April and August are ideal for hikers, climbers and cyclists while beach goers, divers and snorkelers will have a better time in the summer months of October and January. The trade winds make April to November the best time for sailing in New Caledonia.