Spending a few hours shopping is somewhat of a national pastime. Local souqs or traditional bazaars are found in every town and every city. Whether you’re up for the mazes in Marrakech or in search for a small bustling rural market, there’s something for everyone. Shopaholics will also be glad to know that Morocco Mall in Casablanca spans 10 acres and is one of the largest shopping malls in the region.

Bargaining is necessary and will often take a great deal of time as most Moroccan traders are willing to put in the effort for a good price. Tourists should remember to keep the atmosphere light and to be respectful. Most souqs are divided into clear sections, grouping together similar products and traders like spice merchants, leather workers, jewelry makers, and pottery crafters.

Moroccan dates are a national symbol and there is even an annual festival celebrating their harvest. They are reasonably priced and simply delectable. Leather goods are also prolific in the region and, when compared to international prices, are a steal. Travelers should also not miss purchasing an authentic Moroccan carpet. Reminiscent of Arabian folklore, these can be bought directly from the talented individuals who weave them by hand. The vibrant colors light up a room and are a perfect reminder of the ultimate Moroccan adventure.