Bamako Senou International Airport

Mali’s largest airport has recently resumed commercial service following a brief closure after the 2012 conflict between the military and Tuareg rebels. However, connections remain on limited schedules and there are still no direct flights between Mali and North America. Paris is the most popular international stop, but visitors coming from New York or Europe can also connect to Bamako via Casablanca aboard Royal Air Maroc. There are 29 flights between Bamako and Dakar, Senegal each week, but passengers can also fly into the six other airports in Mali.

In 2007, nearly 600,000 passengers traveled through the airport terminal, whose limited amenities include free luggage carts, Banque de Development du Mali banks and currency exchanges. It takes about 20 minutes for taxis, buses and rental cars to travel the eight miles between downtown and the airport. Cabs have fixed rates for different parts of Bamako posted on a board and wait across the street from the airport. Passengers should be sure to board official taxis instead of being lured into unauthorized vehicles by scammers. Hotel shuttles run during flight hours, many of which take place in the middle of the night, while regular airport buses operate three times a day. Hertz is the airport’s main rental car company.