Kenya’s climate varies with the geography, being warm and humid along the Indian Ocean and getting cooler inland towards Nairobi and Mount Kenya, which has three peaks with permanent snow. Further ashore, the area around Lake Victoria has a tropical climate which becomes more temperate in the hills of the west. There are desert and semi-arid areas in the northeastern portion towards the borders of Somalia and Ethiopia.

The country has two rainy seasons, the long one starting in April and continuing until June. July, August and September are the coolest, driest months. The shorter rain season takes place between October and December and is characterized by heavy precipitation in the afternoon or evening. The hotter, dry weather for which Africa is known starts in January and continues until March.

Kenya enjoys good levels of sunshine, with summer clothes generally being worn all year round, although evenings and early morning can be cool, particularly at higher altitudes. In Nairobi, July is the chilliest month, with average daily temperatures ranging between 48°F and 71°F, while February and March are the warmest, averaging between 52°F and 80°F.

Best Time to Visit Kenya

September is an excellent time to visit Kenya, as the weather is warm, pleasant and outside of both wet seasons. It is also the time for the wildebeest migration and the best month for fishing. July-October’s dry season is the peak time for visitors, particularly from Germany and Britain, which does mean that prices for transportation and accommodation are higher.

Kenya’s year-round warm weather makes it suitable to visit any time of year, although the driers months are more popular. The heat and lack of rain in January and February make it an ideal time for visitors to spot wildlife, as the animals and birds congregate around the shrinking water sources. The short showers the fall between March and May make Kenya green and pleasant. Flowers are one of Kenya’s main exports and March through June is when the majority in bloom. November is a good month for snorkeling or diving.