Compared to the other nine provinces, the rugged and relatively flat landscape of Saskatchewan doesn’t offer much in terms of extreme adventure. Really, it’s an area more known more for its ecotourism opportunities and stunning hiking trails.

But one little corner of the province is looking to change that stereotype. Meet Cypress Hills. An Interprovincial Park spanning Southwestern Saskatchewan and Southeastern Alberta, unlike most extreme adventure destinations where certain activities are restricted to men and women over the age of 18, Cypress Hills is offering some of the most thrilling activities you can find for the whole family.

A visit to Cypress Hills will be the kind of vacation you and your kids will remember for years to come. It’ll be what you compare all future outdoor pursuits to and will forever set the bar for your family as you plan all your wild and fun adventures.

Ready to get going? Here are some activities you should check out in Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan.

Photo Credit: Belocin

Get on top of a new trend

One flat rope stretched between two trees is probably one of the simplest inventions ever in the world of “extreme” adventures, but slacklining is a hit with faithful followers and definitely not going away anytime soon. Gaining notoriety because it can literally be done anywhere on Earth, it starts with simply balancing a few feet off the ground before upgrading to stunts and tricks on the rope. At Cypress Hills EcoAdventures, slacklining is a great activity to slowly introduce youngsters to the world of adventure sports in a supervised, calm environment.

Photo Credit: Ecoadv306 on Instagram

Take a Zipline Canopy Tour

The two-hour guided canopy tour at Cypress Hills will take you through six zipline courses, over three hiking areas, and across an 80-foot bridge that towers over the forest floor. Along the way, your resident naturalist will teach you about the impact humans have on the environment and ways you can appreciate nature year-round.

Photo Credit: Ecoadv306 on Instagram

Freefall from the treetops

Remember that time you fell out of your treehouse as a kid and broke your arm? This is nothing like that. A controlled jump off a 45-foot platform, the park staff and amazing technology at Cypress Hills will have you jump — only to feel like your freefalling toward the ground. Powered by the park’s POWERFAN®, guests are ensured a safe and gentle landing every time. But watch out because it’s pretty much a guarantee your kids will be asking about skydiving next.