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For being the smallest state, Rhode Island is jam-packed with outdoor pursuits, and the city of Newport should be your headquarters. Whether you’re taking a leap of faith from above or taking in the sights down one of the most scenic ocean byways in the Northeast, finding adventure in Rhode Island is pretty easy.

Soar the skies via a helicopter

Touring the Newport mansions and lighthouses is wonderful by foot, but seeing them by air is even better. Perfect for a romantic date night or for an epic family outing, Bird’s Eye View Helicopters is the ultimate way to see Rhode Island. From private tours of exclusive islands and bays, you’ll feel like a Newport local in no time.

Photo Credit: Timothy Valentine

Family-friendly adventure at Cliff Walk

One of the most popular Newport attractions, the Cliff Walk along the eastern shore provides stunning views of one of the country’s best National Historic Districts. Unfortunately, most people abandon the path around the two-mile mark when the cozy cafes and boutiques begin to pop up and it’s right around here that things start to get interesting. The southern part of the 3.5-mile path allows hikers to get up close and personal with that famous rocky Rhode Island coastline and 70-foot drop offs so if you’re scared of heights you might not want to look down.

Photo Credit: Gary Brownell

Take a leap of faith

Most skydive locations only offer views of the ground, but Skydive Newport must have missed the memo. Skydive in Newport and you can jump 10,000 feet with views of the coastline and the city along the way. If hitting speeds of 120 mph during your 40-second freefall isn’t enough, ask about the more exhilarating jump over Block Island and the Rhode Island Sound.

Tour the best of Rhode Island by Kayak

While the preferred mode of transportation in Rhode Island is sailboat, heading out on the open water in a kayak will offer you even better views, photos, and wildlife interactions. Guided by the professionals at The Kayak Centre of Rhode Island, you can take a romantic trip through the harbor at sunset or by light of the full moon. More experienced kayakers will enjoy the 12-mile crossing to Block Island on the Coastal Adventures tour. You’ll spot plenty of harbor seals along the way so be sure to have your camera ready.