Although skiing here isn’t traditionally a major sport, activity has picked up dramatically in recent years. Dubai’s new indoor resort and Iran’s blossoming scene isn’t all gimmick. These are real runs with decent snow. In China where a decade ago just a few hundred people had skied before, now nearly a million people ski. This is the region to watch.

  1. Niseko, Japan

    Five hundred inches of annual powder - that’s right 500 - make Niseko one of the world’s great resorts. More than 60 runs flooded with snow are for mostly intermediate skiers.

  2. Dizin, Iran

    Only an hour and a half from Tehran, this resort gets more than 23 feet of snow each year.

  3. Gulmarg, India

    Sometimes called the best resort in the Himalayas and the snowiest spot in India. This Kashmiri resort has runs as long as 2.5 miles and good heli-skiing access.

  4. Hakuba, Japan

    Nagano’s Hakuba is the heart of Japan’s ski country and home to the 1998 Olympics. There are numerous resorts within 25 miles here.

  5. Shiga Kogen, Japan

    This is Japan’s largest ski area and one of the biggest in the world. There are more than 20 resorts all side by side here with a variety of excellent runs for both skiers and snowboarders.

  6. Nozawa Onsen, Japan

    Nozawa has an old-time Japanese feel to it lost among the mega resorts like Shiga Kogen. After a day on the slopes head to the nearby hot springs.

  7. Zao Onsen, Japan

    Weave in and out of the strange ‘snow monsters’ that line this fascinating resort than take a soothing hot spring soak immediately after.

  8. Ski Dubai, Dubai

    While heat rages outside in the desert, the indoor facility of Ski Dubai offers more than 24,000 square yards of snow over five different runs.

  9. Yabuli, China

    China’s best resort still isn’t up to the standards of western counterparts, but give it time and this is going to be one hell of a place.

  10. Auli, India

    Auli in India’s Uttaranchal attracts not just Indian honeymooners, but ski enthusiasts that come for the almost 2 mile long runs.