Some tour operators concentrate only on kayaking, while other tour operators will offer a range of adventure trips. Sometimes an operator will combine kayaking with a number of other sports. Tours can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

A tour operator often will provide you top quality kayak and gear, making the hassle of bringing or shipping your own equipment unnecessary. They often provide food, camping gear, lodging, and many other amenities that you should make sure you have in writing before paying for anything. You can join a group or make your own group. Prices are generally based on how many people are in your group. The more people, the less the trip is going to cost. Guides not only lead the way, but are expected to recite their knowledge of local culture, point out wildlife, and show the little known sites that only a local would know.

Sea Kayaking Tour Operators

Boundless Journeys (, Tel. +800-941-8010)
Well designed trips, often exploring a particular region, in some of the world’s best kayaking destinations.
Crystal Seas Kayaking (, Tel. +877-732-7877)
Tour operator, founded in 1994, that focuses solely on kayaking. Destinations are spread out around the United States and Costa Rica.
O.A.R.S. (, Tel. +800-346-6277)
Sea kayaking trips for all ages are available. Locations vary from Fiji, the Galapagos, the Sea of Cortez, and Jackson and Yellowstone lakes.
Osprey Tours (, Tel. +877-376-3677)
Kayaking tours of northwest Washington and the San Juan Islands, using their own handcrafted kayaks designed under guidelines set by Aleutian Indians.
ROW International (, Tel. +800-451-6034)
ROW’s only sea-kayaking trip, in the Galapagos Islands, is was one of National Geographic’s Top 50 Tours of a Lifetime.
Seakunga Adventures (, Tel. +800-781-2269)
Multi-day kayaking tours covering exotic routes in Cuba, Belize, and Panama.

Do-It-Yourself Options

Kayaking on your own is quite simple. You can attach your kayak to the roof rack on your car and drive off to anywhere there is water, just make sure it is somewhere you can get back to. Many will set off for a few days and bring food and camping gear along.

You can also rent kayaks in many places where the sport is practiced, often for multiple days. If you want to fly somewhere and shipping your kayak may be difficult, there are inflatable kayaks that pack neatly into a small box when deflated.

If you are paddling in open water, going with a friend or group is recommended. Many have lost their lives simply because they have fallen in the water or drifted out to sea unbeknownst to anyone.