Polar exploration has become a real adventurer playground with activities ranging from kiting, cruising, diving, skiing and hiking to be done anywhere from the icy wastes of Russia and Europe to the southern regions of the Antarctic.

  1. Kiting, Greenland

    Build your skills in Frobisher Bay and then consider an expedition across the white interior of Greenland, the second largest ice cap in the world. It’s a journey of some 342 miles so you’ll need fitness and endurance.

  2. Cruise and hike, Alaska

    Cruise the glacier filled bays and scenic coastline of North America’s premier wilderness. Hike ashore to stalk caribou, climb a glacier and meet bears, wolves and sea otters. Or take a closer look at whales and sea lions from zodiacs.

  3. Kamchatka, Siberia

    This remote moon-like peninsula of Siberian Russia has 29 active volcanic craters sitting along its shores. It also hosts a diverse number of flora, fauna and bird species such as brown bear, sea eagles and king salmon. The native cultures such as the Ewenkans and Koryaks are nomadic fishing and reindeer herding communities.

  4. Baffin Island, Canadian Arctic

    This is the largest island in the Canadian Arctic and boasts deep fjords, ice-capped mountains and vast tundra. It’s the perfect domain of the adventure traveler. Lookout for Arctic hare and beluga whales particularly if you’re kayaking.

  5. Skiing expedition, Canada

    Ski over shifting polar pack ice from Ward Hunt Island to the Geographic North Pole. This 480 mile journey is challenging but beautiful.

  6. Kungsleden trail, Sweden

    This is the oldest-marked long-distance trail in Scandinavia and the best way to experience a section of Sweden’s unspoiled, tundra landscape surrounded by spectacular mountains, crystal-clear streams and unique wildlife like Lappish reindeer, lynx and bear.

  7. Circumnavigate Antarctica

    From Littleton, New Zealand you can begin a semi circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent across 6,214 miles of historic sites, towering icebergs, whales and penguins to Ushuaia, Argentina. Start in the Ross Sea exploring the sub Antarctic islands of Australia and New Zealand.

  8. Diving, Antarctic Peninsula

    Extend your diving experience by exploring the icebergs and penguins from a different angle. Negotiate the icy waters and discover the secrets of Antarctica below the surface. Dive near fast ice and around grounded icebergs or even explore shipwrecks.

  9. Musk-Ox Safari, Norway

    There are only four places in the world where Arctic musk can be viewed in the wild. Outside the hamlet of Dombes summer hikes from late June to late August are guaranteed an encounter with the unkempt, shaggy beasts.

  10. Chopper to the Emperor Penguins, Snow Hill Island

    This colony of 4000 breeding Emperor Penguins on this remote island is reachable only by icebreaker and helicopter. It’s truly a journey of a lifetime to get here. Go nuts with your camera with a completely snow capped panorama and the bow tied friends.