Hike your way across Scandinavia, take a musk ox safari in Norway or ski to the North Pole. There are plenty of icy trails to follow by foot or sled.

  1. Kiting, Greenland

    Build your skills in Frobisher Bay and then consider an expedition across the white interior of Greenland, the second largest ice cap in the world. It’s a journey of some 342 miles so you’ll need fitness and endurance.

  2. Kungsleden trail, Sweden

    This is the oldest-marked long-distance trail in Scandinavia and the best way to experience a section of Sweden’s unspoiled, tundra landscape surrounded by spectacular mountains, crystal-clear streams and unique wildlife like Lappish reindeer, lynx and bear.

  3. Skiing expedition, Canada

    Ski over shifting polar pack ice from Ward Hunt Island to the Geographic North Pole. This 478 mile journey is challenging but beautiful.

  4. Harding Icefield trail, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

    This spectacular day hike starts on the valley floor and gains in elevation quickly. It eventually climbs above tree line to a fabulous view of the Icefield – a horizon of ice as far as you can see.

  5. Musk-Ox Safari, Norway

    There are only four places in the world where Arctic musk can be viewed in the wild. Outside the hamlet of Dombes summer hikes from late June to late August are guaranteed an encounter with the unkempt, shaggy beasts.

  6. Drive Huskies, Finland

    From Rovaniemi drive your huskies across miles of sparkling, snow-covered wilderness and finish off with a real Finnish sauna.

  7. Ski to the Geographic South Pole

    An adventure of a lifetime across 684 miles of the ice cap, climbing to 9,843 feet to reach the Geographic South Pole.

  8. Dog sledding, Denali National Park

    This wilderness area has few roads and very little use so the perfect way of getting around is to rent a friendly huskie team. Wildlife consists of moose, caribou, fox, lynx, wolverine and Dall sheep.

  9. Dogsled Expedition, North Greenland

    Travel on dog sleds to experience all the fascinating lifestyle and adventure of the polar wilderness in winter.

  10. Hike the Nordkalottleden/ Arctic trail, Sweden

    The longest marked trail in northern Scandinavia begins near Kvikkjokk in northern Sweden and leads hardcore hikers 496 miles via Norway to the Finnish Lapland. The route has small log cabins every nine-10 miles where hikers can overnight.