Getting to the Arctic or Antarctic is as much a part of the experience as exploring it. Encounter whales and other marine life in the seas, get into kayaks and zodiacs to explore icebergs and remote islands and journey into waters little visited by humans. Expect to encounter heavy ice and changes to schedule.

  1. Northwest Passage, Alaska

    Even today few ships can successfully complete this passage between the Arctic regions of North America. So join the elite few and weave your way past over-wintering sites, ceremonial grounds and ship graveyards. Enjoy the bird life and polar bears on the way.

  2. North Pole

    Sail north on an icebreaker to an area that has only been accessed by the privileged few. Cruise into spectacular fjords surrounded by towering mountains and glaciers illuminated by the midnight sun. You can photograph walrus and polar bear and go ashore on lands rarely visited before.

  3. Farthest South

    Attempt to set a new record by sailing the farthest south in the tradition of the great explorers. The previous record was set in 1911.

  4. Inside Passage, Alaska

    Cruise through this passage of water between the Canadian and Alaskan continental coast for the ultimate polar experience. Humpback and orca whales and playful sea lions grace amazing glacial fjords. Ashore lush green forests spread below the snowcapped peaks.

  5. Circumnavigate Antarctica

    From Littleton, New Zealand you can begin a semi circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent across 6,214 miles of historic sites, towering icebergs, whales and penguins to Ushuaia, Argentina. Start in the Ross Sea exploring the sub Antarctic islands of Australia and New Zealand.

  6. Expedition Cruises, Antarctica

    Antarctica is cold, windy, dry and icy. Expedition Cruises utilize long days to experience the world’s greatest concentration of wildlife, the amazing ice formations and complete wilderness. Kayaking, helicopter rides and zodiacs will let you get up close to formations and wildlife.

  7. Bering Strait

    Have your meals interrupted by whale ahoy or keep your binoculars ready for the blows of the Gray Whale, Minke Whale, and even the Beluga. This narrow passage separating the Asian and American continents is a migratory channel for huge numbers of sea birds and whales.

  8. Northeast Passage, Russia

    This passage was closed to foreigner travelers for more than half a century despite it being sought after as a northern trading route. It is still fairly inaccessible as total darkness covers the region for half the year along with extreme ice and weather conditions.

  9. Cruising Alaska

    Cruise the glacier filled bays and scenic coastline of North America’s premier wilderness. Hike ashore to stalk caribou, climb a glacier and meet bears, wolves and sea otters. Or take a closer look at whales and sea lions from zodiacs.

  10. Norway

    Travel along the Norwegian coast on ships delivering freight, post and passengers to remote communities. Journey the fjords, enchanted islands under the midnight sun or Northern Lights.