North America’s Multi-Sport locations read like a list of credits; Yellowstone, Alaska, the Grand Canyon. Throw in the watery world of Hawaii and Glacier National Park and you have a feast for hikers, bikers, canoeists and rafters.

  1. Alberta, Canada

    Canada is the place to come if you crave the outdoors. It’s all about unspoiled, pure wilderness. Banff, Yoho and Jasper National Parks are a Multi-Sport nirvana. Canoe across glacial lakes and raft down the rushing rivers, hike through vibrant wildflowers or dense pine forests with other characters like black bear, moose, eagles and deer.

  2. Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

    These two famous parklands simply invite exploration by bike, foot and kayak. Wander the varied and rugged wilderness of Wyoming enjoying the jagged waves and alpine lakes of the Tetons and the steaming fumaroles of Yellowstone.

  3. Kohala Coast, Hawaii

    From the lush coastlines of Hamakua to the steaming calderas of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and picturesque beaches of the Kona Coast, discover this beautiful destination by bike, foot and in sea kayaks.

  4. Bryce, Zion, Red & Grand Canyon, Utah/Arizona

    Hike through the sculpted pink and red rock formations of Bryce Canyon or along the majestic rim of the Grand Canyon, cycle through the radiant walls of Red Canyon and do some canyoneering in Zion.

  5. Glacier and Waterton National Park, Montana

    Hike, bike, walk, raft, horse ride or fish your way through these stunning landscapes of jagged peaks, rushing waterfalls, crystalline lakes and rugged glacial valleys. Keep an eye out for mountain goats, bald eagles and the odd moose.

  6. Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park

    Explore the rich palette and surreal geography of this park by bike or on foot. Sculpted rocks, enormous sand dunes, colored mountains, volcanic craters and ancient salt beds abound.

  7. Québec, Canada

    Hike, paddle or pedal through this region to get an up close look at its spectacular scenery. There are caribou and whales to meet, tundra and forests to explore and fjords and mountains to marvel at.

  8. Denali National Park, Alaska

    Fall in love with the pure wilderness of Alaska by bike, on foot, from the water or the air. Marvel at enormous glaciers, pedal beneath snowy peaks or along wooded roads. Keep your eye out for wildlife.

  9. White Rim and Colorado River, Utah

    Fly along the White Rim Trail on a bike with views of the Colorado River Plateau. Then step onto a raft to ride the forces that carved steep and deep canyons out of solid rock.

  10. Kauai, Hawaii

    Enjoy the biking, hiking and water sports on this island amidst lush scenery, palm-fringed beaches, river scourged gorges and lava rock pools.