Food and sleep

Festival-goers can experience burn out as the days progress so don’t forget to keep nourished and get some sleep. Hotels often get booked out fast so you need to arrange accommodation well in advance. You could also arrange to rent a house or apartment so you and your friends can stay together and eat good meals. Food and water hygiene may be poor at large events. Lavatory facilities may be basic and sanitary conditions may deteriorate as the event progresses.


Tickets often sell out very quickly to popular events so buy as soon as you can. All festivals have different ticket set ups but you can usually get a single day pass or a multiple day pass. If something has sold out there might be last-minute tickets, wait-list tickets or even scalped tickets available outside. If you have any professional or press accreditation this can be a good way of scoring entry. The higher your standing in the profession the easier this will be.

Health and medical

Travelers should have adequate travel insurance for injuries that could be sustained during a festival. Crowds can suddenly surge or riot resulting in crush injury so be aware of where advice, first aid facilities and exits are located. Some locations are prone to extremes of weather so dress accordingly; layering is a good option to prepare for both heat and cold. In parts of Europe rain is almost predictable so pack rain gear or even wellies (boots) for the mud. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Use shade areas where available and always wear a hat and sun screen.

Safety and security

Drugs and alcohol are common at some festivals. Alcohol can be freely available or restricted, so check the event policy. Drug use is generally illegal and can be life threatening, particularly when it is combined with driving afterwards. If you choose to take a substance make sure you know what it is. Drugs and alcohol can also fuel confrontations so avoid these as much as possible. You should never carry much cash or cards with you, as pickpockets are generally attracted to large crowds. Keep your belongings with you at all times and be careful what you leave in your tent.

Meeting friends

It is really easy to lose your friends and families in festivals. Arrange to meet people before you enter festival areas and have a set meeting place in case you get lost. Walky talkies are a good way of keeping in touch.


Public transport is often the best way to arrive at festivals given how busy roads can be in the surrounding area. Or if you’re traveling a short distance it might be easier to walk. Make sure you have planned your transport in and out of the festival before you go. If you are drinking or taking drugs have a designated driver to pick you up.