Indulge in the famous wines of Chile, the chocolate of Argentina, the tortillas of Mexico and the coffee of Brazil. Food here stems from a variety of cultural backgrounds although maize based dishes and salsas and condiments like herbs and spices are common. The local markets are colorful affairs and not to be missed.

  1. Oaxaca, Mexico

    The markets of Oaxaca are famous for their chocolate and unusual local delicacies such as fried grasshoppers and toasted worms. There are also herbs, spices, succulent fruits, local cheeses and plenty of squawking animals.

  2. Bariloche, Argentina

    This is South America’s answer to Switzerland for chocolate lovers. Walk down any street in Bariloche and you can find dozens of chocolate factories/emporiums. Some are simply boutiques while others are the size of grocery stores.

  3. Ver O Peso market, Belém, Brazil

    There’s fresh fruit, plants and fish here – all brought to market by dugout canoe – plus medicinal herbs and potions, alligator and crocodile body parts and anaconda snakes. This market takes place on docks that also house some of the finest restaurants in town, as well as numerous food stands serving local seafood.

  4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Old Palermo, also known as Palermo Hollywood, is a fashionable dining neighborhood with trendy shops, ethnic eateries and bohemian bars usually located in renovated, 20th century houses. The restaurants have attracted top chefs, many whom received their training in France and Spain. Walk down Palermo Viejo and Las Cañitas for the most exquisite and interesting cuisine.

  5. Santiago, Chile

    Do some people watching while gorging on famous steaks in the colorful neighborhood Barrio Brasil neighborhood.

  6. Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Brazil supplies a third of the world’s coffee. The best way to enjoy its aroma and flavor is to go direct to the farms and cooperatives of Minas Gerais, one of the main coffee-producing regions. Some of the cooperatives also have museums telling the tale of the famous bean. Minas Gerais It is dotted with mountains, plateaus and baroque towns.

  7. Chilean wine

    Wine lovers will revel in the liquid offerings of the Concha y Toro vineyards just outside Santiago. This wine is famous all over the world and is believed to have health benefits with a high proportion of antioxidants.

  8. Ushuaia, Argentina

    Enjoy the gourmet seafood like King Crab and Chilean Sea Bass with bottles of local wines while you take in the surrounding Andes Mountains.

  9. Quito, Ecuador

    The places to get food in Quito are at its markets and fairs. The products are local, cheap and fresh all year long. Markets in Quito date back to pre-Inca times when everybody exchanged their goods. This style of interaction is still alive in the popular markets and fairs in Quito.

  10. Mercado de Las Brujas / Witches market, La Paz, Bolivia

    It’s far from the bustle of sleek, modern La Paz; but it must be Bolivian shopping at its most authentic. Strange, colorful objects and jars full of powders, herbs and sweets will improve your sex life, bring good luck, ward off dangers or simply become a good ingredient in your cooking. Enjoy a breakfast on the go and sample some fresh Bolivian food while you’re here.