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There aren’t many places where you can enjoy the rapture of skiing or snowboarding, the bliss of hiking and the delight of surfing all in the same day.
The winter chill may keep you homebound in other states, but adventures in California don't end just because the calendar indicates it's time to bundle up.
While it isn’t the warmest, or the easiest place to travel to, the North Pole has been a destination of intrigue for adventurers, scientists, and businessmen since before its discovery in 1909. Leg...
Looking to get from France (Chamonix) to Switzerland (Zermatt) in style? The bold souls who are up for a 125-mile adventure known as the Haute Route can traverse the Alps in all their glory.
One of the last remaining unspoiled natural areas on Earth, Patagonia is an outdoor lover’s paradise and has all the makings for a trip of a lifetime. The inspiration for both the founders of The N...