Airports... we all love to hate them. Between getting felt up at security, the stress of running five minutes late to catch your plane and fighting the crowds, we usually just accept that they're a necessary evil in getting us from point A to point B. But what if there was a better way? There is: a private jet.

Charter a private flight or sky taxi to transport you in style and watch your cares melt away.

Blue Sky Taxi

Blue Sky Taxi is a private plane operating essentially as a taxi that flies as a personal aircraft that can accommodate up to three passengers with no increase in fare. Designed to cut down your travel time by about 300%, you can be airborne in approximately 6-7 minutes and travel anytime 24/7. Arranging services to over 450 airports that are generally within a 2-hour flight radius from Chicago (or 340 miles), rates are calculated at $3.50 per mile plus ramp fees. Whether you are an executive on a tight schedule or a vacation/leisure traveler who knows the journey is as important as the destination, personal air travel on a private jet is the wave of the future. Plus, the champagne is sexy.

NetJets - Marquis Jet Card

In 1986, NetJets pioneered the concept of fractional jet ownership, giving individuals and businesses all the benefits of private plane ownership as a joint business venture. Today, NetJets is the worldwide leader with the largest fleet in the industry and a leader in superior air travel. The Marquis Jet Card is sold as a prepaid lease offering 25 hours of occupied flight time. Cardholders have access to NetJet's world-class fleet of planes without the commitment of picking just one make or model. To give you an idea of costs, a single year starts at $115,900* in a Hawker 400XP.

The Priciest Private Jets

The Boening 747-8 is currently the priciest private jet on the market, and the only jetliner that can hold between 400 and 500 passengers. Rumored to be the the next Air Force One, it's first class is seriously swanky. The Airbus 380 is the other top of the line model, a double-decker beast nick-named "Superjumbo" that claims the title of largest passenger airline in the world. Fitting a whopping 525 passengers, the interior cabinet is clad with suites that include mood lighting and extra space to take to the skies in style.

*Price is based on occupied flight time. This amount represents the base price for 25 occupied hours, before applicable taxes, fees and charges are assessed.