Formerly known as Discovery World Cruises, Voyages of Discovery was founded back in the year 2003 by cruise ship veteran Gerry Herrod. Right from the start, Voyages of Discovery was designed to offer a nice combination of comfort and elegance with a healthy dose of excitement and a tinge of “expedition” cruising adventure. Unlike some of its more rugged counterparts, Voyages of Discovery does not expect its passengers to “rough it” in any way, shape or form. With only a single ship in its fleet, Voyages of Discovery doesn’t even attempt to take over the massive cruise market, but has managed to carve out a very nice niche for itself overall. With a reputation that is untarnished, Voyages of Discovery is a reliable line to choose when you want to explore exotic destinations without having to deal with pared down amenities. These days, Voyages of Discovery is owned by the All Leisure Group and is continually working to offer new and exciting itineraries to its passengers.

What’s New

Since there is only one ship in its fleet, Voyages of Discovery doesn’t have many opportunities to change direction or course. Although it is constantly updating its ship and devising exciting new itineraries, it isn’t exactly a hotbed of excitement in terms of fresh news. The name change, of course, was a major development and has finally taken hold. After all, many people identified with the cruise line as “Discovery World Cruises,” and the new name may have thrown some people for a bit of a loop. Otherwise, recent itineraries to Antarctica have really drawn the attention of more adventurous cruisers in the world. Indeed, Voyage of Discovery is one of only a handful of cruise lines that offers such an itinerary. It’s just one more way that this cruise live strives to bring something exciting to the table for its passengers.

Known For

Voyages of Discovery is known for many key things by those who are familiar with cruise lines in general. Indeed, the line offers up a healthy dose of great benefits for those looking to meld expedition cruising with luxury. Consider these key features:

“Soft Adventure”

Voyages of Discovery pretty much coined this phrase, which refers to its ability to combine the adventure of an expedition cruise with the superior amenities, services and comfort of a big time cruise line. Soft adventure means that passengers get to retire to a ship that boasts all of the best accommodations and do not need to sacrifice their comfort in order to see exotic and remote places in the world. In many ways, Voyages of Discovery is pretty much the king of “soft adventure,” and has developed this niche all on its own.


Land stays are combined with cruise itineraries to create unique cruisetours with Voyages of Discovery. With this feature, guests can really get out and explore and see the world while still being able to travel in the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship environment. This is a truly standout feature among major cruise lines, and is a huge part of the way in which Voyages of Discovery distinguishes itself day in and day out.

A Single Ship

Most cruise lines consist of a fleet of ships that offer passengers a wide range of options and possibilities. Voyages of Discovery, however, only consists of a single ship. The Discovery is so well appointed and top of the line, though, that it more than makes up for having a lack of companions. There may be fewer ships with Voyages of Discovery, but the unique nature of its voyages fills that void nicely.

Top Itineraries

Land of the Midnight Sun

Experience Icelandic charm and scenery on this unique itinerary. Along the way, take in ports of call like London, Alesund and Flam.

Passage to India

This stunning itinerary whisks passengers along through ports like Cairo, the Suez Canal, the Red Sea and Mumbai.

Malaysia to Mauritius

Experience Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Maldives and the Seychelles – and much more – on this phenomenal itinerary aboard the Discovery.

The Fleet


Voyages of Discovery consists of only a single ship, the Discovery. However, this in no way reduces the quality of the line or its number of itineraries. This impressive ship sails all over the world and offers passengers plenty of options. Funnily enough, the Discovery is the sister to the original “Love Boat,” the ship that used to have its very own television show. Thanks to that distinction, the Discovery is actually very familiar looking and many people feel as if they have seen it before. The accommodations on board the Discovery are simple and a bit old fashioned, but they are also varied enough to offer a bit of something for everyone. Inside versus outside, for example, is one of the key things that help passengers to decide which sorts of cabins to book. The Carousel Show Lounge features nightly shows that are sure to keep passengers entertained and enthusiastic. Enrichment lectures are another very popular type of entertainment on the Discovery, educating passengers about the areas that they are visiting and making the entire experience more fulfilling and enjoyable. On a whole, the Discovery is a bit of a throwback to simpler times but more than makes up for that fact by offering superior entertainment and very nice accommodations.